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Afghanistan – What Are We Fighting For?

I wish someone from the United States government would come out and tell us why we are fighting in Afghanistan. I know, they keep telling us that they are trying to bring democracy to Afghanistan and rout out the Taliban. But, if they actually believe that, then they should be removed from office for incompetence and put on medication and locked in a padded room for their own protection. In Afghanistan, as in most Muslim countries, you are dealing with uneducated people who are living, essentially, in the 7th century and who revere an insane, epileptic,  barbarian, misogynist, megalomaniac, pedophile named Mohammad and his sock puppet Allah. They are brain washed with Islam from the moment of birth and it is so ingrained in them that it is not going to go away in our lifetime, or for many generations to come. Thus, democracy is impossible, because it goes against the teachings of Islam. Look at how well our stay in Iraq turned out; it is now a Sharia state that is anything but democratic, and it is basically a client state of Iran. For the well over $1 trillion we wasted fighting there, not to mention the sacrifice of tens of thousands of killed and severely wounded soldiers, we don’t even get a discount on the oil!

I believe the real reason that we are in Afghanistan is geopolitical. We want control of that part of the world and the oil that may pass through it. But, if that is the real reason, why don’t the politicians just come out and say so? Of course, we know the answer. If it is all for oil, just like our presence in Iraq after taking out Sadam Hussein was, really, the American people will almost certainly object; perhaps violently. But, we know it is so that we can control that part of the world, rather than have it controlled by China or Russia. But, this is so stupid and unnecessary.

We don’t need their oil. We have plenty of energy in our own country between coal, nuclear, oil shale, natural gas, regular oil, hydro-electricity, wind, and solar. The problem is, we have allowed self-serving, ignorant blowhards like Al Gore and totally corrupt organizations like the United Nations to take over “science” and politicize it with the imaginary boogie man called man made global warming. The simple fact of the matter is that CO2 does not control the climate as we have been brainwashed to believe. Virtually all of the science that shows that is suppressed. We can see that by reading what little does manage to get published and by reading the Climategate e-mails that describe a very systematic suppression of all papers and scientific evidence that goes against the part line that AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is a clear and present danger to the world.

The world has not warmed in the last 14 or so years. In fact, there is strong evidence that we may be entering another “little ice age” like we saw back in the 18th and early 19th century. (We may wish that CO2 did cause major warming if that prediction is true.) We have been told of a catastrophic rise of sea level,  but it is not occurring.  We are told that there were more hurricanes in 2012 than any previous year, but we are not told that every little disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean is now being given a name and thus artificially inflating the number of hurricanes compared to the thousands of years before we had satellites. In most of those thousands of years, we would not have known about little disturbances in the Atlantic Ocean that did not make land fall, and thus would not have been considered as hurricanes.

It is time to bring the troops home and to stop lying to the American people, and indeed the world, about AGW. It does not exist. It is not a problem. We should not be pissing away 10’s of billions of dollars a year on it.

We have much more important things to worry about.

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