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Al Gore Admits To Being “Crazy” for 6-1/2 yrs After Election. Ignores “No Means NO!”

Of course, many of us who have followed the man-made global warming scam have realized that Al Gore was nothing more than a gold-digging, lying, political hack. But, I have to admit that even I was shocked to learn that he was also a “crazed sex poodle”. We all knew that he could not accept criticism and had a bad temper when presented with ideas that did not support his man-made global warming agenda. But, the following tape of a police interview with a licensed massage therapist who was apparently sexually assaulted by Al Gore puts him in an even worse light. I guess we all now know why Al “big lummox” Gore is getting a divorce. That surprised me when I heard it, because it is a bit unusual for someone who has been married for so long to get a divorce, but it certainly does happen. This revelation makes it clear why it is happening.

Of course, this will probably have little affect in the realm of the global warming scam, since that is run by the UN, which is, arguably, one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. (Think the “oil for food” scandal, for starters, which did nothing but enrich Saddam Hussein and various other people associated with the UN.) But, hopefully, corporations like Apple and Google will think twice about their association with Al Gore. And, while not a public company, perhaps the venture capital firm Kliner, Perkins, Caulfeld, and Byers ( will rethink their association with Al “crazed sex poodle” Gore. Admittedly, that is extremely unlikely, especially since KPCB is a private company, but one can only hope.

For a video replay of the event, you can view this. It is in Japanese, but you can get the jist (er jism) of the situation:

The actual police tapes are here:





This is truly disgusting behavior by a “leader” of our country. As the licensed massage therapist said, it is a good thing that he did not have his finger on the button, due to his temperment! But, unfortunately, I think that this behavior is the norm for “leaders”. We know that Bill Clinton did it, and we know that most other presidents and “leaders” have behaved in similar ways.  The question is, when do we say “enough is enough; you’ve screwed our world for long enough; we don’t believe you any more; and we don’t support you, and your globalist policies, any more!” Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to that question, but I suspect that we will need to witness the destruction and bankruptcy of a once-great nation before it’s people wake up and create a new America, born of the ashes of a long-forgotten dream.

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