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America To Islam: You Attack, We Destroy

It has been going on for too long; the “imaginary war” with Islam. It is time that we woke up, and smelled the coffee. We are at war with Islam. We are at war with Muslims. We have been for over 30 years, even since Jimmy Carter failed to respond to the takeover of our embassy in Tehran. That was the point when the Muslim cat was let out of the box. Up until then, we had the Muslims “more or less” contained. They were “in a box” so to speak. In other words, since the destruction of the caliphate by Ataturk, Muslims had been contained, and had to behave by “normal” standards of civility. After 1979, all of that went away. After 1979, Muslims felt empowered to reach out and destroy the civilized world.

Now, we have to pick up the pieces. All over the world, we have the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference. These are, basically, the people who will plead innocence to any Islamic atrocity.

So, anyway, what are we to do? I would suggest that we tell the Muslims that IF they attack us, or Israel, or any of our allies in the world, that we will IMMEDIATELY DESTROY MECCA. Thus, the Haj is done, since there will be no place to visit. We must further instruct them that if attacks on the West continue, then other “holy” sites will be obliterated. We should have done this a long time ago, but we must do it NOW if these 7th century Cretans still intend to affect our lives.

We are not at their mercy, they are at ours, as long as we still have the balls to admit it.

The best gift from Obama to America in 2010: bin Laden is DEAD! Islam is DEAD!

Unfortunately, I am not holding my breath. I think he is rooting for the bad guys.

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