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Arab Spring Should Be Renamed Arab Fall Because It Will Probably Lead To Muslim Nuclear Winter

I wrote a long time ago that the whole “Arab Spring” thing would end badly. While the main stream media was covering the riots and demonstrations with excitement and glee, it was clear to anyone who actually understood Islam and what was happening that what we were seeing was not something that the West should be cheering about. I wrote about how it was clear that Abdel Jalil, the self-proclaimed new leader of Libya, was clearly an Islamist. We now know that many of the people who are heading up the new government in Libya are past (and probably still) members of al Qaeda. We know that tens of thousands of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles have been appropriated by al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Libya and are on their way to an airport near you. We now know that the new “constitutions” in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia will enshrine Sharia, just like I predicted, thus making those countries no more friendly to the West and things like human rights and woman’s  rights than Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and, once we are gone, Iraq.

How could this have been allowed to happen in plain sight and under the noses of Western democracies? If I, a private citizen with very limited resources and no access to classified documents, memos, e-mails, or embassy documents, and no access to the power brokers of the world, could so clearly see what was going to happen months ahead of time, how come the people in power could not see what was going to happen and do something about it? I don’t know the answer, for sure, but I suspect it is political correctness and the inability of anyone in government, whether those at top or their minions in the CIA, FBI, and other agencies to speak out on the evils of Islam. After all, if an extensive report on the murder spree of Nidal Hasan could not even be allowed to mention Islam once, and Islam was clearly the cause of his murder spree, our government has been reduced to the three little monkeys: see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. And Islam is evil.

But, now the damage has been done. And, while allowing these nations to become Islamic theocracies, like Iran, we have done nothing about the 800 pound gorilla in the room; Iran. Iran was behind much, if not all, of the problems related to Palestine and Israel through its control of terrorist groups like Hezbollah. There is strong evidence that 911 was planned in Iran. (1) Iran was clearly in on the deal as it assisted in the transit of many of the terrorists. Also, the same sources who told us that 911 was largely planned in Iran also told us that Iran already has nuclear weapons, and has had them for quite a long time. Additionally, they told us that one of the reasons we had such a hard time finding bin Laden and al-Zawahiri was because they were sometimes being sheltered and hosted in Iran after 911. That bit of information was initially officially scoffed at by US authorities, but now they admit that this information was true. How much of the other information was true? Judging by the fact that we have not done a thing about the biggest terrorist sponsor in the world, and the country at the heart of most of the problems in the Middle East and, especially, Iraq, our government must have known that Iran had nuclear weapons and that is why we were afraid to attack them. (Of course, that fear of attacking nuclear armed thugocracies like Iran and North Korea does nothing but justify and prove their rhetoric that they need nuclear weapons for their own safety against attack.) But, we are going to have to go to war with them, sooner or later. If we don’t start it, they will, on their terms and timetable. The sooner it happens, the fewer nuclear weapons Iran will have to use and, ultimately, the less deadly and destructive the eventual outcome will be.

And, the very fact that we allowed most of the Middle East to go Islamist (including Turkey) means that Israel will probably be forced to use nuclear weapons because that is probably the only way that they could win a war and defend themselves if the entire Middle East, including Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran attack them at the same time, which is looking more and more likely every day. If they are threatened with extinction, which is Iran’s  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s wet dream, or even if they are threatened with substantial destruction, I would fully support their right–their necessity–of going nuclear. At some point, if enough forces are aligned against them because of the insanity of Islam, they must do what they must to survive.

So, how many nuclear weapons does Iran already have? My best estimate, for the last few years, has been 6 to 20. I came to this conclusion based on various information gleaned from various sources. Yossef Bodansky in his excellent book The High Cost of Peace   stated on page 77  that Iran bought two 40 kiloton nuclear warheads for their SCUD missiles in 1991. In 2005 it was reported in the Financial Times that China and Iran purchased 18 KH-55 nuclear tipped cruise missiles from Ukraine, with 12 going to Iran and 6 going to China. This was confirmed by Svyatoslav Piskun, Ukraine’s prosecutor-general. Although some people claimed that the warheads were not shipped with the missiles, what good is a missile without a warhead? Furthermore, later in 2005, Porter Goss,the director of the CIA at the time, told Turkish officials that Iran already had nuclear weapons, apparently referring to the 12 KH-55’s that they had purchased.  By the way, this warhead is a 200 kiloton warhead; not the little, bably warheads that we presume Iran and North Korea are producing, which are similar to the warheads that we used against Japan to end World War II. (10 to 20 kiloton warheads.)

Lt Col. Tony Shaffer, as part of “Able Danger” uncovered the 911 plot in early 2001. But, he was not listened to, and the inconvenient truth of Able Danger was covered up by the government. But, he also stated that Iran had two workable nuclear warheads according to an article in the Washington Times. That article also reports that Matthew Nasuti, during s State Department briefing in 2008, that it was “common knowledge” that Iran had nuclear weapons acquired from former Soviet republics. Other reports state that Iran purchased four 152 mm nuclear mortar shells.

Iran opened its heavy water nuclear reactor in the middle of 2006. This reactor, all by itself, can produce enough plutonium for 2 to 3 nuclear weapons per year. 2 to 3 per year times 5 years is 10 to 15 nuclear weapons, ignoring any that were bought, stolen, or produced from their highly enriched uranium centrifuge cascades. This is a fact that is very seldom reported. Combine this fact with the fact that North Korea’s nuclear program is based, primarily, on Plutonium based weapons, rather than highly enriched Uranium weapons, and the fact that Iran’s nuclear program is intimately entwined with North Korea’s nuclear program, and you see how their often forgotten heavy water research reactor, alone, could have produced over a dozen nuclear weapons.

Finally, you have the simple fact that Iran has been working on a nuclear weapon since the early 1980’s. Yes, they are Muslims, but they are also Persians, unlike most Muslims. Thus, they tend to be more intelligent and better educated. In fact, much of what I have read indicates that the vast majority of Iranians, unlike the vast majority of Arabs, do not want to be bound by Sharia law, and they often embrace the secularism of the West. We missed a huge opportunity in 2009 when the Iranian people rose up to protest the forged election victory of Madman Ahmadimwit, my preferred name for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. If we had stepped in and given massive support to the protesters, perhaps Iran would now be a productive member of the world community, instead of being an international pariah, slated for annihilation when they finally unleash their nuclear arsenal.

I would not go so far as to say that the United States is a paper tiger. But, the United States is extremely vulnerable. It is vulnerable because of its dependence on electricity. And, all of our enemies, from China to Russia to North Korea to Iran understand that vulnerability. As I pointed our in an earlier article, all that an enemy has to do to completely destroy the United States is to destroy its power grid. This could be done through an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, or a cyber attack that destroyed the power grid. Both techniques are totally feasible. We saw in the last few weeks how a hacker took over control of the water system in Illinois. That hacker could have shut down water to that area if he wanted to. In the same way, hackers could take control of the power grid and destroy transformers that are both essential to the grid and for which we have no replacements due to the stupidity of our “leaders”. The simple fact that our “leaders” have not made provisions to stock a supply of the essential transformers that could prevent a natural (ie solar storm) or unnatural (ie EMP attack) from taking out our power grid for 12 to 24 months (or more) is a crime. The citizens of the United States need to demand an explanation! Why, when the cost is only a few hundred millions of dollars, do we not stock the necessary transformers to replace essential transformers that could be taken out by mother nature or terrorists?

It is sad to see what has happened to the United States. Our enemies are now well equipped to destroy us through a cyber or EMP attack. While we might know who attaked us, I doubt if we would be willing to retaliate. And, even if we did retaliate, the country that we retaliated against would not be harmed, much, since they don’t rely on electricity as much as we do. While we could certainly kill most of their citizens, we would be condemned in the United Nations for “over reacting!”, as if killing everyone associated with a government that wiped out your civilization would be an over-reaction.

It is a crime that we did not take out Iran years ago. This is a crime that lays at Jimmy Carter’s feet, just like the crime of loosing the Viet Nam war lays at the feet of traitors such as Henry Kissenger (who knowingly started the war on the false premise of an attack by North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin incident.) One can only hope that someone takes out the nuclear facilities of both North Korea and Iran before it is too late.

1) “Countdown To Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown With Iran” by Kenneth  Timmerman pp 9-10

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