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Are You Ready To Submit To Cavity Searches?

Well, I said it was coming a long time ago. The rulers of the world have been subjecting us to more and more humiliation and have been intruding more and more into our privacy in the name of “safety”. “We have a responsibility to save you from terrorists!!” Never mind the simple fact that government employees can’t even refer to the terrorists as “Muslims” or even “Islamists”. No, they just say that terrorists come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. In fact, the rulers keep saying that they are mostly worried about ‘domestic terrorists’ like gun owners, returning military personnel, people that believe in the constitution, libertarians, and people that want to be free from government intrusion in their lives! (Just like the founders of this once great nation were termed terrorists by the British government, people that believe in the freedom and greatness that once characterized America, and Americans in general, are now considered terrorists by the current rulers. And, Americans have been so dumbed-down by the failed socialist, one world government indoctrination     education system that they actually believe this propaganda.) In fact, many Americans have even swallowed the myth of man-made global warming, which is nothing more than another creation of the world rulers to destroy the middle class in the Western world and turn everyone in the world (but them) to vassals; serfs subservient to the world ruling elite. After all, the masses were told that man-made global warming was true. It must be!  Their children were indoctrinated to believe that it is true. And anyone that does not agree with the state-sponsored lie is labeled a “resister” and must be shunned. (Some have even suggested executed, after getting Nuremberg-like trials, for man-made global warming deniers!)

Ben Franklin summarized the situation very well when he wrote “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” That was in the Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor on November 11, 1755.  (1)

The atrocity of 9-11 was too convenient. It provided the global rulers with the perfect excuse to institute a complete police state with everyone a criminal under constant, and illegal, surveillance until proven innocent. I am not suggesting that the rulers staged 9-11 as a false-flag event, but they were warned many times and ignored the warnings. Why? (For example, Able Danger warned of the threat, but those people were told to stand down. The US Embassy in Azerbaijan was told that al Qaeda was planning 9-11 in Iran, but that warning was deemed “not credible”. (2) We will probably never know just how involved, or uninvolved Iran was in the 9-11 attack, but it has been admitted by United States intelligence agencies, since 9-11, that Iran and al Qaeda did cooperate and co-exist in some operations and relationships.)

Many Americans have been deemed criminals, or suspected terrorists, with no way to know why or to correct the situation. Just look at all of the Americans, including some high government officials, that were put on “no-fly” lists. They were not only not terrorists, but they could not find out why they were on the list and could not be told how to get off the list! Whatever you may think about Edward Snowden, everyone in the previously civilized world owes him a debt of gratitude for exposing the extent and severity of the illegal surveillance being conducted by the United States government. Actually, I find it amusing that politicians like Angela Merkel pretend to be shocked that the NSA monitored her telephone calls! Hello?!? What did she think the NSA was doing?? The only reason for the existence of the NSA is to spy on foreigners; but not US citizens. (And, I’m sure the German equivalent of the NSA is at least trying to do the same to Obama’s communications; although probably not successfully.) But, the fact that the NSA is collecting information on all Americans should be a complete wake-up call to Americans.

But now, the security alarm has been raised again. Now, we are told, security must be stepped up at airports because “terrorists” may use bombs in laptops or even body cavities to blow up airplanes. Well, guess what, the only way to detect a bomb in the body is to perform an x-ray, or at least a digital cavity search! Forget about the “naked body scanners”; they will not detect explosives hidden up the anus, in the vagina, or surgically implanted in the body. And, trust me, I know since I helped to develop one of the “naked body scanners”, although not for the aviation security industry. And, the system that I helped to develop uses harmless microwaves; not potentially harmful x-rays as was the case for some airport “naked body scanners.” Furthermore, our system did not actually create an image; just data. (Anyone that claims that “naked body scanners” that use microwaves, as currently used at airports in the United States, are a health risk should be banned from owning a cellular phone because the exposure from the non-ionizing microwave energy from a cell phone over the course of a few hours, or a few seconds when in an actual call, is far more than the “exposure” from a microwave “naked body scanner” that uses the same non-ionizing microwave energy.)

So, we have the new terror threat. So, we are told that we must submit even more to moronic TSA screeners and put up with more and more security theatre. Never mind the point that far more people are killed every year in the United States from swimming pool accidents or bee stings than are killed by Muslims. And, the solution to Muslim terrorists is easy. Stop them from entering the country; stop them from flying. Problem solved. We know that while most Muslims are not terrorists, almost all terrorists are Muslims. So, just block them from travel into the United States. And, if you say that we cannot discriminate on the basis of religion; fine. Just stop people from predominantly Muslim nations from entering the United States or flying on its airlines. That will accomplish the goal since once Islam becomes even a major minority in a country, the country rapidly becomes predominantly Muslim since non-Muslims can no longer bear living there under severe Muslim repression and intimidation. (I feel really sorry for the 1 Jew that supposedly still lived in Pakistan a few years ago. And, we see the wholesale slaughter of Christians that is happening today in many Muslim countries including Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. It is not paid attention to by the politically correct media, but it is happening.)

But also, lets not forget about the 2500 or more surface-to-air missiles that we gave al Qaeda and other Muslim groups in Libya when we helped them overthrow and kill Gaddafi in Libya. While Gaddafi was obviously not a good guy, he had eliminated his nuclear program after he saw what we had done to Saddam Hussein. (In fact, he, like Mubarak in Egypt and Hussein in Iraq, was helping to keep a lid on al Qaeda and other “extremist” Muslims. Gadaffi’s biggest mistake was probably that he was trying to develop an African Union that would have challenged the dominance of the United States in its hegemony in the area, and especially the monopoly of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Challenging the dollar was, I think, the reason for his downfall.) But, with these thousands of  SAMs, Muslims can bring down airlines whenever and wherever they want. They don’t need butt-bombs. Of course, since there is nothing the governments can do about SAMs (except to equip airlines with the same defenses that are used to equip Air Force 1 and most military airplanes), they use the boogie man of “terrorists” to force citizens into further humiliation when they want to travel), that threat is ignored.

And, as I write this, ISIS is about to attack and take over the al-Muthanna air base located just outside Baghdad. If they succeed in doing this, they will not only have the hundreds of modern, US made Humvees and APCs that they captured earlier, but 10 or 12 modern war planes. (As I’ve said other times, just how stupid are we to be arming Muslim nations like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and later Iraq?) So, my earlier predictions that weapons that we arm Muslims with will eventually be turned against us is actually happening in Iraq once we stupidly re-enter the fight. (What is not to like about the situation in Iraq and Syria where we have Muslims killing Muslims on a massive scale?)

So, when will civilized people say enough is enough? Will you allow TSA Cretans to perform a cavity examination on you? How about on your wife, girlfriend, or daughter. It is coming. If you object, I guess you are just a resister – an outlier that must be re-educated.

I, for one, am glad that I have a pilot’s license and don’t have to travel much. If I do have to start traveling, I will buy another plane and fly myself.


2) “Countdown To Crisis” by Kenneth Timmerman

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