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Brigette Gabrielle Tells It Like It Is

How can our news media and politicians be so stupid, and, complicit? Those of us who have been following the activities of Muslims, and their effort to take over the world, have known about this for years. But, apparently, our government is either not aware, or complicit in, the intention of Islam to take over the world.

Sure, I hear you saying, this is ridiculous! Islam only represents 1.3 billion people. It is a minor player in the politics of the world. (Um, I’m sorry, but 1.3 billion sounds like a lot of people to me, but then, I’m just a simple  Islamophobe. What is an Islamaphobe? It is a person who is afraid that Islam may take over the world. As an atheist, I am an especially Islamophobic person, since the Koran, and hadiths, clearly say that I should be simply killed. As an atheist, I am not offered the “opportunity” to be subdued, and pay the Jizya. I must simply be killed. Well, I will not submit, and I will not be killed, without a fight. You try to kill me, and I will take out many of you, before you take me out.)

Brigette Gabriel produced an excellent video about the insanity of political correctness, and Islam:

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