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Christopher Hitchens On Religion (Illustrated)

This is a brilliant, illustrated version of a speech by Christopher Hitchens on religion. He is one of the few, along with Richard Dawkins, who can really identify religion with the barbaric, backward, and yes, ridiculous, belief system that it really is. As is pointed out in this illustrated talk, I do not believe that most Christians (unlike many Muslims) REALLY believe what their church tells them. They give it lip service, but deep down, I don’t really think the majority believe the doctrines of their church. After all, to really believe what most religions tell you, you must totally disbelieve what science tells us. As time goes on, the evidence from science becomes so irrefutable that it is virtually impossible to still believe the old myths, lies, and legends told to us by religion and books like the Bible and the Koran. Sure, some people will continue to “believe”;there are some people, even today, who believe that the sun revolves around the earth, and/or that the earth is flat. Those scientifically illiterate people deserve our ridicule, as well as those who believe in virgin birth, resurrection, the flood myth, and all of the other baggage associated with religious dogma. Christopher Hitchens says it like it is, and is very insightful.
Enjoy this presentation by a great writer and speaker.

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