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Climategate Professor To Global Warming Skeptic “Shut Up…..Asshole”

This is truly some priceless video of a “debate” on climate change on BBC television. Apparently, it occurred on December 4, 2009. During the first part of the show, they discuss “Climategate” in general. Ed Miliband, MP, British Climate Change Secretary,  tries to defend the science and says that just because of some e-mails, 4000 scientists who have come to “a belief about the climate” cannot be wrong. (Welcome to the Church Of Global Warming; pastor Al Gore at your service; please leave your wealth at the door.)

It goes on to state that the important questions are: “Was the data manipulated?” And: “Why not share the data?”. Unfortunately, it does not mention that the data that was requested to be shared was “lost” when it looked like they would have to share it under a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request. And, it looks like there will be a lawsuit in the United States to force NASA to release some of it’s raw data. In response to questions about data manipulation, I especially liked Prof. Watson’s weasel-worded response “..they have occasionally, uhm, tweaked a, uh, uh, diagram, so that in the case of the decline thing they, they,  plotted, uh, real temperature data from thermometers, along with their tree ring data.” This occurs at about the 5 minute mark.

Then, at about the 6:40 mark, it gets even better. Prof. Watson states “you’ve got to look at this rationally. What’s happening here is that because the skeptics can’t attack this particular, this  science, they are attacking the, the character, they’re using character assassination on the scientists who are doing it.”

Then, we get to the best part. Part 2 is incredible. We are lectured about how the global warming deniers are simply engaged in character assassination and denial of the evidence. The moderator states that someone stated that  “one string of e-mails doesn’t undermine the science.” At that, Marc Morano, a noted climate change skeptic, stated that “it exposes the manufactured consensus.” After this, Morano asks the professor what he thinks of “Mike Hulme’s call saying this is authoritarian; that this is partisan; that it exposes it; suggesting the UN has run it’s course.  There is now mention of Dr. Hans van Storch; ” At this point, a bit of shouting happens. At the 0:57 mark, Prof. Watson diplomatically says “Will you SHUT UP just a second” in his attempted response to Morano’s comments. And, it just gets better from here. The professor states that the science must be totally open (and, of course, we know that it was not, from reading the e-mails), and it must get away from character assassination (while the e-mails gloat about the death of a climate change skeptic, as well as offers to punch at least one climate change denier).

At about the 1:50 point, Morano points out that we have UN scientist against UN scientist. And, we now have “the best science that politics and activists can manufacture.” This is followed by the priceless rolling of the eyes of professor Watson. It is so typical of the global warmingistas and their contempt for reason, rationality, and civil discourse on the actual science. If a statement does not further the ideology that they want to force on the population of the world, it is absurd and must be ridiculed.

The final “money shot”, however, comes at the 2:33 mark, when Prof. Watson makes his final comment about Marc Morano: “What an asshole”. This after Watson talks about the “character assassination” and the “temperature of the debate”. Truly classic.

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  1. Vene says:

    So, no data, no explanation for the warming trend of the past 150 years, no nothing? Just complaining that a scientist was upset about being interrupted during an interview and ignoring what he said about the “trick.” The trick that was using real data instead of a measure known to be wrong. How deceptive.

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