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Clinton says Iran’s nuclear pursuit is “futile”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that Iran would not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon and reiterated Washington’s commitment to protect close ally Israel from any threat posed by Tehran.

“We are going to do everything we can to prevent you (Iran) from getting a nuclear weapon. Your pursuit is futile,” she told NBC’s “Meet the Press” program, adding that Iran did not have the right to develop a nuclear weapon.

Of course, what that really meant is that we hope you do not develop a nuclear weapon, because Bill and the country is so pussified that it could not stand up on it’s own to you. (No jokes, please, Bill is sensitive.) If you choose to take the evil route, we will condemn you, just like we condemned the North Koreans. You must note that they have not blown up any nuclear devices in the last few weeks, and they called their ships back home for refueling, or something.

Clinton annoyed ally Israel last week by saying the United States would cope with a nuclear Iran by arming its allies in the Gulf and extending a “defense umbrella” over the region.

We have already put a nuclear umbrella over your country. The fact that the Patriot system did not work, last week, is not of concern, since Iran does not have nuclear weapons. And neither does North Korea. (At least not more than a few.) And, Pakistan only has a few dozen nukes, and they are just little, bitty nukes. Nothing to worry about. (And, besides, they are our friend.)

“Clearly, we would hope better for the Iranian people, we would hope that there is more openness and that peaceful demonstrations are respected,” she said, criticizing the Iranian government’s quelling of dissent.

But, of course, if Bill and I were being treated with such “disrespect”, we would teach the people how to respect their leaders.

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