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CNN Is Such A Useless Joke

I just got a “breaking news” text message from CNN. It seems that an Italian jury found some American student guilty of murdering a British student. That’s news? Is that really worth wasting my limited text messaging limits on? Oh, they also had a “breaking news” announcement about an explosion at a nightclub in Russia that killed over 100 and injured another 90. Well, that IS news, and it IS important. But, of course, CNN will probably follow up with stories questioning WHY these murders occurred. They will probably refer to the perpetrators as “youths”, or radical Islamists. (There is no such thing as “radical Islam”, as pointed out by the president of Turkey.) (Are you a betting person? I’ll bet almost any amount that there was some 7th century Cretan named Mohammad who was somehow involved in this atrocity. Of course, CNN will not mention this. They will just wring their hands, and wonder how something like this can happen, especially in an advanced nation like Russia.)
It really is enough to make one vomit.
And, where is the 24/7 coverage of Climategate?????? While CNN sent me almost 1/2 dozen breaking news messages about Tiger Woods’ dalliances, I have not received A SINGLE message about the most important news story in the last 100 to 200 years. Maybe the most important news story of all times. After all, if anything at Copenhagen gets passed, it will cripple the civilized world, and cost every citizen of the Western world thousands, and maybe even tens of thousands, of dollars per year FOR NOTHING but global governance. Yes, if anything happens at Copenhagen (or “Hopenhagen, if you want to listen to the traitorous companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) you can kiss your future goodbye, along with that of your children, your grand-children, and you great grand-children. All of your earnings will be pissed away by the creations of AlGore and his minions. (Remember Enron? It was formed to trade in the “carbon credits” that will bankrupt the civilized world if AlGore and his minions get their way.)
OK, enough of my rant.

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