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CNN Nightmare: Black Convert to Islam Beheads Woman and is Shot by Armed Citizen

This story must be about the worst nightmare that CNN could imagine. They constantly harp on situations where black (and to their mind innocent) people are shot. They constantly harp on how ISIS may stage attacks on the homeland. They constantly dwell on gun control. (In fact, I suspect Piers Morgan’s fixation on gun possession in America is what finally got him fired.) Finally, we have an atrocious crime that involves all three of their pet causes. If you tune to CNN, it must be wall to wall coverage, right? Wrong. Crickets! In fact, even though I tweeted @CNNbrk a story that covered the incident Friday morning (and they obviously already knew about it), I did not hear them mention it until some time in the late afternoon. (I may have missed an earlier mention, but it certainly was not the main story of the day.) There has been virtually no coverage since then on CNN, at least not that I have seen, even though this is a major story. It could well be the tip of the spear as we see more and more atrocities committed by Muslims in the civilized world.

Why is CNN not covering this? Well, for one thing, I am sure they were hoping that the first atrocity committed by a Muslim after we expanded our stupid war into Syria would be performed by a jihadist returning from the battle field in Iraq and Syria. And, hopefully, a white jihadist. (I suspect they would consider it best if the jihadist was a blue-eyed blonde convert from Sweden, or something like that.) But, no, it was a black man. And, to add insult to that injury, the barbarian was brought down by an armed citizen before he could behead others. (Unfortunately, he did stab another woman, but at least he was shot before he beheaded her and could kill others.) It is well established that armed citizens stop many crimes, and when the right of citizens to arm themselves is restricted by the government, crime goes up. Of course, I don’t think I have ever heard that on CNN.

Wow, just as I am finishing this article, CNN is mentioning the crime. We’ll see if they go to wall to wall coverage. I am not holding my breath.

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