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CNN Totally Discredits Itself

CNN has become the most embarrassing news outlet in the world. What do you see if you watch them, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week? News on Michael Jackson’s death. Was he killed? What do his doctors think? What do people think? What are his parents like? Was his father abusive? Who will get the children? Where will he be buried? Did he do drugs? Were those drugs illegal? Were those drugs excessive? ETC, ETC, ETC.


Michael Jackson was a cute kid. He made some great music. He was a great entertainer. But, as he became an adult, he made many questionable decisions. He obviously made some very bad decisions. He undoubtedly died of some of those bad decisions.

Now, we have some serious situations to address. Iran is in turmoil. Do most Americans know about the extent of the problems in Iran, today? NO, because CNN is spending most of it’s airtime covering the life, and death, of  Michael Jackson. Where are the CNN reporters? In Tehran? NO. They are in LA. They are, probably for good reason, afraid to be in Tehran. But, that does not mean that they cannot cover the situation in Iran. They have sources, and they have means of communications. (Today, it seems, the only way for the average person to learn about what is actually happening in Iran is through Twitter.) They need to stress the torture and repression and murder in Iran; not concentrate on a dead pop star.

Depending on what finally transpires in Iran, the current civil unrest could be the most significant political event in the last 30 years. If the Iranian people succeed in overthrowing the brutal theocracy, then maybe they will get rid of their nuclear aspirations. That would save them from a devastating attack by either the United States, or Israel, or a combination of the two. That attack, if it becomes necessary, will result in oil prices shooting to at least $200/barrel, almost over night, although that price increase will be short-lived. If that attack does not come before Iran finishes building up it’s nuclear arsenal (and I believe they already have between 6 and 24 nuclear weapons, just not built with indigenous fissile material), then Iran will be turned into a radioactive glass parking lot by US and Israeli nuclear weapons within 30 minutes of the time that Iran nukes Israel, which they will do as soon as they feel they have a sufficiently large arsenal. If the Iranian people do not overthrow the entrenched theocracy, headed by Ahmadimwit and his cronies, or if they do overthrow it, and replace it with a similar theocracy headed by Mousavi, then war, of one sort or another, is in Iran’s future, since Mousavi is really not any different from Ahmadimwit. Mousavi was simply  elected by the people after being selected by the Mullahs, rather than being ordained by the Mullahs after being selected by the Mullahs.

Furthermore, Iran is not only still meddling in Iraq, with the intent to control Iraq once the US is gone, but it is stepping up it’s efforts to destabilize Iraq. Do most Americans know about this? I suspect not, because CNN is fixated on it orgasmic coverage of Michael Jackson’s death.

A couple of weeks ago (yes, its been that long now), when I heard of Michael Jackson’s death, I commented on my twitter feed that it was the best thing that could ever have happened to the Mullahs. Unfortunately, it looks like that prediction has proven to be true. Hey, come to think of it, maybe I should try to spread a rumor that Michael Jackson was killed by the Mullahs to divert the attention of CNN? Ya Think?

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