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Coming To A Public Facility Near You: Squat Toilets

As I have said many times, we are at war with Islam; our government needs to admit that. You cannot defeat an enemy that you not only don’t understand, but refuse to even mention. We did not choose this war, but after the civilized world re-opened the Pandora’s box of Islam, by giving worthless, barbarian countries like Saudi Arabia, and others, trillions of dollars for their oil, we are forced to fight it.  Muslim nations were all dying after the final Crusades pushed them back in the late 15th century, and the threat virtually vanished when Ataturk finally (and wisely) disbanded the Caliphate in the early 1900’s, hoping to secularize the Muslim world and thereby advance it by over 1000 years and bring it into the modern world. But, by paying them trillions for oil (something which they certainly did not earn; virtually no Muslim country has any industry or economic activity, even today, except for selling oil) we have given them the means to once again spread their ideology of war, hatred, and misogyny that is Islam. (And this, by the way, is why we must stamp it out; it is NOT just a religion. If people want to waste hours a day banging their foreheads on the ground and sticking their asses in the air for Allah to have his way with them, that is their business, and they are free to do it. But, Islam is NOT just a religion. It is an ideology consisting a a system of laws and it dictates every aspect of a person’s life, including what happens in the bathroom, as we shall see. It is this system of law and government that distinguishes Islam from regular religions, and it is this aspect that we are at war with.) And, they not only use that money to spread their absurd ideology, based on the sayings of an ancient megalomaniacal, barbarian, pedophile, but they have also used it to buy weapons that we have happily, and stupidly, sold them.

I’ve already said how stupid it is that we are arming Pakistan with some of the most advanced F-16 fighter jets and 1000 laser guided bombs. I just hope they have radio controlled “kill” switches attached to the engines and detonators, so that we can disable them when they are used against us or India. And, we are now seeing how Turkey is using UAVs, stupidly sold to them by Israel, to attack Kurds. (And, of course, when war does finally break out in the Middle East, almost certainly in the next few months, those same drones will almost certainly be used against Israel!) How stupid were we to allow Turkey into NATO? Pretty!

And, most of us have heard how guards at Guantanamo are forced to wear white gloves when handling Korans! How stupid is that? No wonder a huge percentage of the prisoners at Guantanamo return to jihad as soon as they are released. Why wouldn’t they? After all, we apparently respect their “religion” and their “holy” book  so much that we will only handle it with white gloves. Since we don’t respect (or at least should not respect) their “religion”, the handling of the Koran with “kid gloves” is exactly the wrong approach. (Although, as you read on, you will begin to understand that perhaps we want to use latex gloves when we handle those Korans.) You need to de-condition these 7th century Cretans, not further encourage them. A much more appropriate thing to do would be to introduce Koranic toilet paper.

To make matters worse, for years we have been hearing about the insane measures that nations are taking to “accommodate” Muslims. Sorry, but the fallacious nature of this policy should be obvious just by looking at what has happened in the United States when we tried to “accommodate” the  Mexicans. We now have something like 10 to 15 million illegal Mexicans in our country. They are literally destroying the economy, and even viability, of some states like California and Arizona. And, even in those states that are well-removed from the border, you still hear “For Spanish, press 1” when you call many numbers. If people want to immigrate into a new country, and they have a valuable skill, and they and their skill enhances the well-being of a community, fine. But, they must assimilate into the community. In the United States, we speak English. Learn it, or leave! European countries have bent over so far backwards to “accommodate” Muslim “customs” that many people now refer to it as “Eurabia”, a term coined by the insightful former Muslim, Bat Ye’or. But, although it is probably already too late, many European nations, like France and Spain, are waking up and have banned, or are seriously considering banning, the burqa in public places, although some nations, like England, stupidly refuse to follow suit. But, in the latest affront to civilization, The MailOnline announced, yesterday, “Shopping centre bosses approve ‘Asian squat toilets’ following cultural awareness course

Why you might ask is ‘Asian squat toilets’ in quotes? Well, because in this politically correct world, they could not say “Muslim squat toilets”, but that’s what they are. But, of course, Asians don’t go rioting, pillaging and looting whenever their “sensibilities” are “insulted”, so they were called “Asian squat toilets”.

As the article explains:

For most of us, the squat toilet is nothing more than a staple of horror stories about old-fashioned French service stations or the exploits of adventurous backpackers in far-flung parts of India.

But this basic form of plumbing, also known as a Turkish toilet or Nile pan, could be coming to a shopping centre near you – and all in the name of cultural sensitivity.

From next week, shoppers in Rochdale who push open the cubicle door expecting the reassuring sight of a modern, clean lavatory could instead be faced with little more than a hole in the ground.

Bosses of the Greater Manchester town’s Exchange mall have installed two as part of an upgrade costing several thousand pounds after attending a cultural awareness course run by a local Muslim community activist.

A familiar sight in parts of the Middle East, and still sometimes seen in France and Italy, the toilets require users to squat above them, rather than sitting.

With one in ten of Rochdale’s population of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, centre managers say they have been told some members of the local Asian community prefer them for cultural reasons.

Now, as pointed out by Robert Spencer, Muhammad also commanded his people to use an odd number of stones (3, 5, or 7) to clean themselves after using the toilet. I wonder if there will be a “stone” dispenser, and if they will have to hire someone just to clean those stones. If so, I guess you could look at this as a form of economic stimulus.

By the way, this practice of using stones to clean up after going to the bathroom is described in great detail by Omar Nasiri (pen name to protect his life) in “Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda“. In this book, he describes his experiences in Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1990’s. It should be read by all Americans. It should be required reading for all members of the House and Senate, as well as anyone involved in counter-terrorism, since it helps to explain the jihad ideology, as well as what is really going on in the many training camps.

What can I say, Muhammad would be proud.


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  2. wow, you’re a racist. that is the clean and simple truth. one comment, good. you don’t deserve any more b*tch. i’m mexican, and you’re an a$$h0l3. but hey, freedom of speech right? right. .

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