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Why Climategate Is So Important

As I have said in many articles on this site, there is no significant man-made global warming. Yes, man certainly warms up local areas with blacktop and development, but his production of CO2 is not causing, nor will it ever cause, a climate change catastrophe. This is just the dogma of the global warmingistas. They […]

I Hate To Say “I Told You So”….Never Mind

I actually love to tell you I told you so. A few months ago I said that “global warming” was a TOTAL SCAM. Now, we know that it is a TOTAL SCAM. Of course, you will not hear that from the “main stream media”. In fact, they will actually embarrass themselves by covering the Copenhagen […]

No Guns For Negroes: Gun Control Not About Safety, But About Disarming Those Government Dislikes

This is a great video from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership . It points out such tidbits as the fact that the 1968 US Gun Control Act is virtually identical to the laws passed in Nazi Germany in 1938 to prevent those that Hitler considered “undesirable” from having guns. It also points out […]

“Hide The Decline” Animated Audio About Climategate

This is quite catchy! I like it. It is an animated audio from Minnesotans For Global Warming about climategate and the fudging of the numbers. Enjoy!

Two Incredibly Stupid Commercials Brought To You By The Global Warmingistas

There is a new commercial making the rounds created by the people that believe that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming, that is global warming that is caused by man, as in CO2) will destroy the world, and of course kill the beloved polar bears. I guess these bears are being killed because people are flying around […]

All You Really Need To Know About “Global Warming”

There has been a lot written in the last few days about “global warming”. Those of us who actually looked at the data, and who actually thought about it, knew that there was no man-made global warming. It was a scam. It was a political power grab. It was an attempt at wealth transfer. It […]

More Global Warmingista Fraud: Gore’s New Book Cover

This story was just broken at the wattsupwiththat website. Al Gore’s new book “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” has a very deceptive bit of photoshopping on the cover. Of course, first of all, we all know there is no genuine climate crisis, as the recent leaks of e-mails and documents from […]

How Can People Be So Stupid? added to Atheist Blogroll

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So Let Me Get This Right. If KSM Is Found Guilty, He Gets Life In Prison; If KSM Is Found “Not Guilty”, He Gets Life In Prison?

I know, I am just a stupid American. I may be a member of Mensa, and have a Master’s degree in solid state physics, and was actually a Ph.D. candidate before the clock ran out before I could finish my dissertation research. But, I have a question. Eric Holder has announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, […]

Christopher Hitchens On Religion (Illustrated)

This is a brilliant, illustrated version of a speech by Christopher Hitchens on religion. He is one of the few, along with Richard Dawkins, who can really identify religion with the barbaric, backward, and yes, ridiculous, belief system that it really is. As is pointed out in this illustrated talk, I do not believe that […]

The Skeptics Handbook II: Global Bullies want your money

“The Skeptics Handbook II: Global Bullies want your money” by Joanne Nova is an absolutely fantastic booklet  that spells out the frauds committed by governments and “climate scientists” in promoting their one world order agenda. And, it does it in a way that virtually anyone can understand. As I’ve said many times, it is NOT […]

SNL Parody of Obama and Hu Jintao Meeting Tells It Like It Is

Too funny, but also, too true. Maybe actually a documentary, rather than a parody.

Some “Inconvenient Truths” About “Man-made Global Warming”

I’ve known that the belief in “Man-Made Global Warming” was basically a religion, based on myths, lies, and bad “science” for a long time. I’ve published articles to that effect. More Evidence That Global Warming is Political, Not Scientific Government Running Full Speed Ahead Into Expensive Policies Based On Politics, Not Science What Do Global […]

Critical Considerations and Possible Consequences Of Civil Trial of KSM in NYC

This is an excellent article from that I thought deserved republication. As noted below, republication is allowed with proper attribution to Stratfor. DECIPHERING THE MOHAMMED TRIAL By George Friedman U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has decided that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in federal court in New York. Holder’s decision was driven by […]

More Evidence That Global Warming Belief Is A Religion

As was recently reported in the Telegraph, a judge in Great Britain has ruled that belief in man made climate change is now, officially, a religion, and is entitled to religious protection. An executive has won the right to sue his employer on the basis that he was unfairly dismissed for his green views after […]

How Low Can Global Warming Wackjobs Go? Drowning Puppies Commercial.

Unlike the words “military intelligence” (think Ft. Hood situation), that don’t belong in the same sentence together, “environmentalist” and “wackjob” are nearly inseparable (think Al Gore). In a new low, a commercial has been circulating in the United Kingdon that tells children that common activities (like driving a car and heating a home) will cause […]

A Lecture on Manners and Protocol that Obama Needs To Hear

Thanks to Right Pundit Media.

How Much Did Hasan Nidal Wire To Jihadi’s?

It is an interesting situation. Hasan Nidal gave out his business card (which I reported on earlier) along with his furniture, before he butchered 13 fellow soldiers, and wounded dozens more, at Ft. Hood. Before going on his rampage, he gave away much of his furniture, including an “air mattress”. Say what? Here is a […]

How Real World Leaders Act When Greeting Each Other

I just came across this, and it is priceless. It shows how real world leaders act, when greeting other world leaders. Barack Osama’s behavior is not only disgusting, but dangerous. You will need to copy and paste the above link into another browser to see the atrocities. Please do so. It is sad to […]

Brigette Gabrielle Tells It Like It Is

How can our news media and politicians be so stupid, and, complicit? Those of us who have been following the activities of Muslims, and their effort to take over the world, have known about this for years. But, apparently, our government is either not aware, or complicit in, the intention of Islam to take over […]