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Posts on ‘November 13th, 2009’

Maybe The Government Is Finally Waking Up About Islam

“Feds move to seize 4 mosques, tower linked to Iran” I could only hope this is true, especially after Nidal Hasan allegedly shot 42 people at Ft. Hood, killing 13. But, I suspect this is just a little move to distract Boobus Americanus from the real issues. I have been saying for a while that […]

“Indian eunuchs get separate category in electoral rolls”

You just can’t make this stuff up. I don’t see why the sex, or not, of a person should make any difference in electoral rolls, but I guess they do in India. Since women only count as half-a-man in most Muslim nations, in most matters, such as courts of law, and inheritance, etc., I can […]