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Posts on ‘November 14th, 2009’

How Much Did Hasan Nidal Wire To Jihadi’s?

It is an interesting situation. Hasan Nidal gave out his business card (which I reported on earlier) along with his furniture, before he butchered 13 fellow soldiers, and wounded dozens more, at Ft. Hood. Before going on his rampage, he gave away much of his furniture, including an “air mattress”. Say what? Here is a […]

How Real World Leaders Act When Greeting Each Other

I just came across this, and it is priceless. It shows how real world leaders act, when greeting other world leaders. Barack Osama’s behavior is not only disgusting, but dangerous. You will need to copy and paste the above link into another browser to see the atrocities. Please do so. It is sad to […]

Brigette Gabrielle Tells It Like It Is

How can our news media and politicians be so stupid, and, complicit? Those of us who have been following the activities of Muslims, and their effort to take over the world, have known about this for years. But, apparently, our government is either not aware, or complicit in, the intention of Islam to take over […]

What’s With Barack Osama’s Salutes and Bows?

Maybe there is something to the concerns over his American bona fides, that apparently got Lou Dobbs fired. He does seem to have a unique crotch salute when it comes to the American flag, as shown in this video from 2008 during the playing of the American national anthem. You would think he might learn […]