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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Fantastic New Resource: 500 Peer Reviewed Articles That Support Skepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming

I just found out about this fantastic article, “500 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of ‘Man-Made’ Global Warming“. It lists, and links to, 500 peer reviewed, published articles that support a skeptical view towards “man-made” global warming, also known as AGW, or Anthropogenic Global Warming. Unfortunately, being peer reviewed scientific articles, many are not freely available […]

More Outrageous Commercials…Boycott Build-A-Bear

I have written before about incredibly stupid commercials meant to brainwash the minds of young, impressionable children by making them believe that puppies will drown, bunny rabbits will starve, and polar bears will fall from the skies and die because their mean, thoughtless parents drive cars and heat their homes. I’ve also stated how evil […]

2 Part Article In National Post Gives Excellent Layman’s Explanation Of Climategate

Of course, by now just about everyone has heard about Climategate, that huge (over 150 megabytes) release of files, e-mails, and computer code from the CRU (East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit). But, in spite of the significance of the “hack” (or whistle blower release of information), it has not been very well covered by the […]

Important New Article On Greenland Climate In Journal of Climate

A new article has been published in the American Meteorological Society publication “Journal of Climate” on pages 4029 to 4049. Yes, it is a very long (20 pages) article. The lead author is Jason E. Box of the Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geography, Atmospheric Sciences Program at the Ohio State University in […]

A Simple Primer On Anthropogenic Global Warming Skepticism

Many people simply don’t understand global warming skeptics. Or, more specifically, they don’t understand AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) skeptics. And, I have to admit that there are many varieties of us, and we have a wide range of skeptical beliefs. Some are just skeptical that man is the primary cause of global warming. Some don’t […]

Not Only Is AGW Fraud, But Global Warming Itself Might Be A Lie

Along with most scientists who do not believe that CO2 is the main cause of global warming, I have believed that the globe was warming.  Generally, the crux of the argument by scientists like me is, so what if the globe is warming? It has been warmer in the past, such as the Medieval Warming […]

Russia Today: Debate On Climate Change

This is a great debate on climate change. In it, Piers Corbyn of debates Michael MacCracken, Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs with the Climate Institute, and Bjorn Lomborg, a social scientist at the Copenhagen Business School. Lomborg is also the director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. Corbyn points out that this is not […]

More Damning Climategate Revelations: Apparently CRU Selectively Used Russian Temperature Data

In a stunning new revelation, the Russian IAE (Institute of Economic Analysis) reported that the CRU, and other agencies that are trying to convince the world that man-made global warming is real have very selectively used temperature data from Russia. Although lots of data was available, it seems that the CRU and other agencies tended […]

Global Governance Is Real Goal Of Global Warmingistas: Don’t Expect Free Speech Or A Free Press In Their Utopia

It has been clear to some of us for quite some time that the whole “thing” about global warming had nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics. The very fact that Al Gore is the poster child for anthropogenic global warming should be a clue to anyone, whose life and intelligence […]

Look What Obama’s Dishing Out This Thanksgiving

NOTE: This article on Obama’s decision, along with Eric Holder, to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 4 of his co-conspirators in a civil court in New York City, is by Michelle Rodenborn. She is a practicing attorney, specializing in the areas of customs and international trade law. Her blog is: Her law practice website […]

Global Warmingistas Now Resort To Armed Guards To “Hide The Decline”

Journalist and film maker Phelim McAleer was forcibly removed from a meeting in Copenhagen by armed guards after asking questions of Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider about the destruction of e-mails and the other reprehensible activities of Phil Jones and his colleagues at the CRU and other institutions. They not only prevented him from asking questions, […]

The Crux Of The Global Warming Fraud: Global Warmingistas Claim CO2 Drives Temperature, But Just The Opposite Is True

By now, just about everyone has seen Al Gore’s PowerPoint presentation or his movie where he lectures about the wonders of the data contained in ice cores. After a brief explanation, he puts up a graph that shows the CO2 records from ice cores drilled at the Vostok research station in Antarctica that cover the […]

The Climate Science Isn’t Settled

In a December 1, 2009 opinion piece in the online Wall Street Journal titled “The Climate Science Isn’t Settled“, MIT professor Richard Lindzen points out that the climate science is far from settled. Is there a reason to be alarmed by the prospect of global warming? Consider that the measurement used, the globally averaged temperature […]

Why Total Scientific Transparency Is Vital In Climate Studies

Anthony Watts has a new article that shows in a very clear way why complete transparency is necessary in the scientific process. We have just been told by several outlets that the last decade was the warmest “since records began.” Well, that may be true, but we have only been keeping “accurate” records for less […]

Global Warmingistas Hit Another Low With Letter To Children “About Your Father”

A couple of weeks  ago, I published a piece on  two of the stupidest commercials that I had ever seen. One was to scare children to believe that global warming would drown puppies and starve bunny rabbits, and the other showed the ever-lovable polar bears falling out of the sky because of global warming caused […]

Open Letter to Secretary-General of United Nations

An open letter to Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations pertaining to climate change is being circulated by the Copenhagen Climate Challenge. This open letter, so far signed by over 140 climate-related scientists, asks for convincing evidence for climate change, not speculation, horror stories, and computer models that have proven to be […]

It’s A Climategate Christmas

A great collection of Christmas carols for the holidays from Minnesotans 4 Global Warming. Enjoy!

Third World Nation Representatives Get Their Panties In A Knot In Copenhagen

It seems the leaks related to Copenhagen and climategate will not stop! First, we had the leaked e-mails and documents from the Climate Research Center. The files were supposedly stolen by a Russian hacker, but I suspect it was an “inside job” by someone whose conscience finally caught up with them, realizing the apparent level […]

Global Warmingistas Now Dis NY Times Reporter Who Had Been One Of Their Best Mouthpieces

The whole Climategate scandal just keeps getting better and better. For a long time, Andrew Revkin has been a favorite mouthpiece for the Anthropogenic Global Warmingistas. But, last week in an article in the NY Times, he mentioned that prostitutes in Copenhagen would service the COP-15 attendees for free. He did not go into the […]

Climategate Professor To Global Warming Skeptic “Shut Up…..Asshole”

This is truly some priceless video of a “debate” on climate change on BBC television. Apparently, it occurred on December 4, 2009. During the first part of the show, they discuss “Climategate” in general. Ed Miliband, MP, British Climate Change Secretary,  tries to defend the science and says that just because of some e-mails, 4000 scientists […]