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Posts on ‘December 5th, 2009’

Climategate Professor To Global Warming Skeptic “Shut Up…..Asshole”

This is truly some priceless video of a “debate” on climate change on BBC television. Apparently, it occurred on December 4, 2009. During the first part of the show, they discuss “Climategate” in general. Ed Miliband, MP, British Climate Change Secretary,  tries to defend the science and says that just because of some e-mails, 4000 scientists […]

Muslim Catch And Release Works So Well…NOT!

It is amazing that we continue to waste valuable time, energy, and money capturing Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then treating them like some kind of royalty at Gitmo, only to then release them so that they can return to the battlefield. They should be treated like the scum-of-the-earth that they are. And, they […]

CNN Is Such A Useless Joke

I just got a “breaking news” text message from CNN. It seems that an Italian jury found some American student guilty of murdering a British student. That’s news? Is that really worth wasting my limited text messaging limits on? Oh, they also had a “breaking news” announcement about an explosion at a nightclub in Russia […]