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Posts on ‘December 9th, 2009’

Global Warmingistas Hit Another Low With Letter To Children “About Your Father”

A couple of weeks  ago, I published a piece on  two of the stupidest commercials that I had ever seen. One was to scare children to believe that global warming would drown puppies and starve bunny rabbits, and the other showed the ever-lovable polar bears falling out of the sky because of global warming caused […]

Open Letter to Secretary-General of United Nations

An open letter to Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations pertaining to climate change is being circulated by the Copenhagen Climate Challenge. This open letter, so far signed by over 140 climate-related scientists, asks for convincing evidence for climate change, not speculation, horror stories, and computer models that have proven to be […]

It’s A Climategate Christmas

A great collection of Christmas carols for the holidays from Minnesotans 4 Global Warming. Enjoy!