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Posts on ‘December 21st, 2009’

Important New Article On Greenland Climate In Journal of Climate

A new article has been published in the American Meteorological Society publication “Journal of Climate” on pages 4029 to 4049. Yes, it is a very long (20 pages) article. The lead author is Jason E. Box of the Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geography, Atmospheric Sciences Program at the Ohio State University in […]

A Simple Primer On Anthropogenic Global Warming Skepticism

Many people simply don’t understand global warming skeptics. Or, more specifically, they don’t understand AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) skeptics. And, I have to admit that there are many varieties of us, and we have a wide range of skeptical beliefs. Some are just skeptical that man is the primary cause of global warming. Some don’t […]

Not Only Is AGW Fraud, But Global Warming Itself Might Be A Lie

Along with most scientists who do not believe that CO2 is the main cause of global warming, I have believed that the globe was warming.  Generally, the crux of the argument by scientists like me is, so what if the globe is warming? It has been warmer in the past, such as the Medieval Warming […]

Russia Today: Debate On Climate Change

This is a great debate on climate change. In it, Piers Corbyn of debates Michael MacCracken, Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs with the Climate Institute, and Bjorn Lomborg, a social scientist at the Copenhagen Business School. Lomborg is also the director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. Corbyn points out that this is not […]