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Posts on ‘December 22nd, 2009’

More Outrageous Commercials…Boycott Build-A-Bear

I have written before about incredibly stupid commercials meant to brainwash the minds of young, impressionable children by making them believe that puppies will drown, bunny rabbits will starve, and polar bears will fall from the skies and die because their mean, thoughtless parents drive cars and heat their homes. I’ve also stated how evil […]

2 Part Article In National Post Gives Excellent Layman’s Explanation Of Climategate

Of course, by now just about everyone has heard about Climategate, that huge (over 150 megabytes) release of files, e-mails, and computer code from the CRU (East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit). But, in spite of the significance of the “hack” (or whistle blower release of information), it has not been very well covered by the […]