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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Muslim Catch And Release Works So Well…NOT!

It is amazing that we continue to waste valuable time, energy, and money capturing Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then treating them like some kind of royalty at Gitmo, only to then release them so that they can return to the battlefield. They should be treated like the scum-of-the-earth that they are. And, they […]

CNN Is Such A Useless Joke

I just got a “breaking news” text message from CNN. It seems that an Italian jury found some American student guilty of murdering a British student. That’s news? Is that really worth wasting my limited text messaging limits on? Oh, they also had a “breaking news” announcement about an explosion at a nightclub in Russia […]

Female Jihadi’s Being Trained In NY By Muslims Of America

This video, just released by the Christian Action Network shows female Jihadi’s being trained in the use of automatic weapons (AK-47’s) and hand to hand combat. Of course, this is from Afghanistan or Pakistan, right? Wrongo! This video was shot at the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in Hancock, NY. These terrorist training camps have been operating […]

Further Evidence Of Why Muslims Should Not Be In US Military, Or In Any Responsible Government Position

As I have pointed out before, it is absolutely insane to allow Muslims in the US military. Their allegiance cannot be determined or trusted. As Hasan Nidal said, “I am a Muslim first, and an American second”. This attitude has been expressed by many Muslims in many countries. And, as some of the former FBI […]

Ft. Hood Massacre Shows That Political Correctness Can Kill

In this excellent video, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch describes the ways in which our country is loosing the battle against Islam. It is clear, from the Fort Hood massacre, that political correctness can, and does, kill. For my articles on that atrocity, see: “Ft. Hood Massacre Is Just The Politically Correct Pigeons Coming Home […]

Solid Evidence That Medieval Warm Period Was, Well, Warm. Warmer Than Now.

Science Skeptical Blog published a fantastic article on November 30, 2009 on the “Medieval Warm Period” that was so famously mentioned in the leaked climategate e-mails as something that needs to be hidden. In the graph, below, taken from the article, the climate data from many sources, from many places in the world, are shown […]