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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

The Netanyahu-Obama Meeting in Strategic Context

“This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR” By George Friedman Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama on March 23. The meeting follows the explosion in U.S.-Israeli relations after Israel announced it was licensing construction of homes in East Jerusalem while U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was […]

Was Muhammad Shooting Blanks?

I’ve followed Islam for many years, just as I have followed Christianity for a long time. They are both totally without supporting evidence. But, there are some interesting questions that come up in regards to Muhammad. Jesus was  supposedly a virgin (and probably never even existed, anyway).  We know that Muhammad existed, since several of  […]

Al Gore Follows Disgraceful Lead of Clive Hamilton And Tells Children They Know More Than Their Parents

In what may be his most disgraceful, disingenuous performance of lies, deceit, and treachery, Al Gore has now told children that they know more than their parents! Of course, this is nothing new. As I reported several months ago, moronic Australian global warmingista Clive Hamilton published a letter to children titled “About Your Father”. In […]

Time Magazine Shows Its Lunacy Again

In the March 15, 2010 edition of Time Magazine”, in the Briefing section, they have a short article on ice calving in Antarctica. In part, the article states: Owing in part to warming global temperatures, Antarctica is loosing ice all the time–about 24 cu. mi (100 cu km) worth each year–a development that is slowly […]

A Beer Story Explains US Taxes In A Way Even A Democrat Should Understand

I realize I may be giving democrats too much credit, when I say that even they should be able to understand this story and get the message. But, given the total collapse of the education system in the United States since the inception of the Department of Education in the early 1980’s, and the control […]

“The Government Can” by Tim Hawkins

A little documentary ditty about the government, Obama, Pelosi, Dingy Harry, Obamacare, Global Warming BS, etc!

Whose Side Is Our Government On? US To Deliver 1000 Laser Guided Bombs To Pakistan

I’ve been ranting for quite some time now that our government is insane, selling sophisticated weapons to Islamic states. You would think we would have learned our lessons over the years. We befriended Turkey, allowed them into NATO, and now they are renouncing secularism, and returning to Islam and Sharia law. They are even siding […]

More Government Insanity; This Time The TSA Compromises Our Security

In war, it is vital to know your enemy. But, we, or at least the United States government, clearly does not understand that. You won’t hear this from the government (of course) but we are at war with Islam. But, government employees are not even supposed to refer to “terrorists” or “acts of terror”. (They […]