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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

Hide The Decline II – The Sequel

It seems the guys over at (Minnesotans for Global Warming) are being threatened with a law sued by Dr. Michael Mann for the original “Hide The Decline” that they produced quite a while ago. (I posted it here.) They removed it from YouTube, but it is back. But, Mann is suing them for using […]

Dirty Bomb Revisited: Combating the Hype

“This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR” By Scott Stewart Related Link Debunking Myths About Nuclear Weapons and Terrorism As STRATFOR has noted for several years now, media coverage of the threat posed by dirty bombs runs in a perceptible cycle with distinct spikes and lulls. We are currently in one of the periods […]

Is Comrade Obama’s Policy Forcing Israel To Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons Against Iran?

It has been reported that Obama is totally against nuclear war. I guess his policy is that if China or Russia want to destroy us by sending a few thousand nukes our way, that is OK. We won’t retaliate. After all, that would be stupid, since China has over 1 billion people, and if we […]