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 This article is republished, with permission, from Stratfor. By George Friedman On Sunday, Israeli naval forces intercepted the ships of a Turkish nongovernmental organization (NGO) delivering humanitarian supplies to Gaza. Israel had demanded that the vessels not go directly to Gaza but instead dock in Israeli ports, where the supplies would be offloaded and […]

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Well, May 20, 2010 has come and gone, and the world is still here! Of course, we heard the usual rantings from ignorant Muslims the world over, and some of the more ignorant,  intolerant and stupid Muslim nations, like Pakistan, banned both YouTube and Facebook, to protect their religious lunatics from seeing what was happening. […]

Forget about Halal Meals; Shahzad Should Get Nothing But Basic Life Necessities

It is totally rediculous that the legal system is even considering granting Faisal Shahzad anything other than basic life necessities! He actually had the balls to request that he only be served “halal” foods; that is, foods that agree with idiotic Muslim food restrictions. You know, like only goats that have had their throats slit, […]

Was Stock Market Crash on Eve of Senate Vote to Audit Fed Bankers’ Shot Across Congress’ Bow

I don’t believe in coincidences. I also do not believe the 1000 point stock market crash on May 6, 2010 was the result of a “fat fingered” trader causing a computer generated selling crescendo. Is it possible? Yes. Was it likely to happen? No! I’ve been a very active trader of stocks and commodities for […]

Just How Stupid Do They Think We Are: Taliban Clearly Claimed Responsibilty For NYC Attempted Bombing

I announced the Youtube video a few hours ago. It was released by the “Taliban Channel”, and they set up the channel on 4/30/10. Then, a few hours after the failed attrocity, they claimed credit for it. Looking at the video, which has been removed by YouTube, it was “professionally” produced, and was not something […]

Let Islam Be A Lesson For America’s Socialists

I was watching a series of videos recorded by Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch today. It is an excellent series of videos, and should be required viewing for everyone in the United States, and especially for politicians. This is because Robert Spencer is one of the very few people who truly understands Islam, and the deadly […]

Thoughts On Reports That Oil Rig Off Louisiana May Have Been Torpedoed by North Korea

The European Union Times has reported that the United States has ordered a news blackout over North Korean torpedoing of a Gulf of Mexico oil rig. Personally, I doubt if this report is true, but I don’t totally dismiss it, either. (The part about having to use a nuclear weapon to stop the spread of […]