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August, 2010:

Wackjob Judge Lamberth Condemns Millions To Death And Suffering

In yet another example of how the judiciary is subverting the constitution and destroying the United States, yet another wackjob judge has made yet another insane decision. Today, it was announced that District of Columbia district judge Royce Lamberth issued a preliminary injunction stopping federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research. As a stock trader, I was wondering what happened that all-of-a-sudden caused the stock of Stem Cells (STEM) to tank. This was the reason. And, this came on the heels of Stem Cells announcing that they had just made a major breakthrough last week in the application of human stem cells to curing paralysis. On August 19, according to GlobeNewswire, StemCells, Inc., published a major article in the international peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science):

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 19, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — StemCells, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEM) announced today the publication of new preclinical data demonstrating that the Company’s proprietary human neural stem cells restore lost motor function in mice with chronic spinal cord injury. This is the first published study to show that human neural stem cells can restore mobility even when administered at time points beyond the acute phase of trauma, suggesting the prospect of treating a much broader population of injured patients than previously demonstrated. This groundbreaking study, entitled “Human Neural Stem Cells Differentiate and Promote Locomotor Recovery in an Early Chronic Spinal Cord Injury NOD-scid Mouse Model,” was led by Dr. Aileen Anderson of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The paper was published yesterday in the international peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE, and is available online at

This is a major breakthrough. It is the kind of breakthrough that stem cells have offered for so long, but millions have been denied the benefits of this type of research because of Luddites like George Bush and other religious wingnuts who think that a few cells in a Petri dish, left over from in vitro fertilization efforts, which would be thrown out otherwise,  are human beings. The only good thing that I can think of that Obama has done since taking office is to allow human stem cell research to be resumed in the United States. Now, this moronic judge has not only threatened the welfare of millions of people, but he also caused a huge loss in the stock market, as the graph of STEM shows. I have not yet looked at the stock of other companies involved in stem cell research, but the stock price of STEM is especially instructive. In the graph, you can see what happened to the stock after they made the above announcement (it skyrocketed to almost $1.2 per share), and you can see what happened late this afternoon after the moronic judge’s announcement. Granted, the rapid gap-up on Thursday at the opening bell, and subsequent decline over the rest of Thursday and Friday, was a typical day-trading pattern, since people jump in at the news and then realize that it will be years before the research is available to patients. But, now, it will be even more years before the potential treatment is available, if it is ever developed and proven successful in humans. But, the mere fact that it appears to work in mice is a very encouraging sign, since humans are very close to mice in many ways, and treatments that work in mice are often able to be used on humans.

And, the damage of this kind of stupidity is even more sinister. Already we are loosing jobs in the United States by the millions. Even engineering jobs are now being outsourced, and many American engineers, if they want a future, are going to have to learn Chinese and move to Asia if they want jobs. Young people who might have wanted to be medical doctors are not going to choose that career, since their pay, working location, and working conditions are going to be dictated by Obamacare. Who would want to go through all of the hastle and work and expense of medical school, only to become a slave to Obamacare? And now that the government is apparently going to bow to stupid religiosity and absurd ideas about life, any student who might have been interested in going into stem cell research is also going to have to learn a foreign language and move to another country where people appreciate science and understand that a few cells in a Petri dish is not a human being.

Where Are Global Warmingistas & Main Stream Media On Reporting That Cosmic Rays May Control Earth’s Temperature?

Of course I know where they are; drinking the cool-aide. It never ceases to amaze me how totally one sided the media is, and how gullible people are. Of course, if that was not true, Obama would not be president, and a huge number of people would not be believing the words of ideologically and monetarily (read “redistribution of wealth”) politicians and organizations like the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Discredited people like Al Gore and the folks associated with East Anglia Center continue to bombard us with statements like “it has never been warmer before”, or “CO2 has never been this high”. Well, those statements are simply not true. They are what children call “lies”. (Politicians call them “spin”, or “talking points”.) These are topics that I have discussed before, but some of my full postings may have been a bit hard for a non-scientist to understand. After all, if some people thought that Obama’s election meant that they would not have to pay their mortgage or car payments, or that Obamacare means free health care, I realize that even this simple article may go above the heads of many. But, in the hope that maybe a few people will start to see through the fraud of man-made global warming and maybe even inspire them to go and do a little digging on their own, I present this simple article.

First, to put to bead the statement from the warmingistas that CO2 has never been higher, I would like you to look at the following figure which is taken from the “Cosmic rays and climate” lecture notes by Jasper Kirkby of CERN. The full lecture notes can be found here.  This shows CO2 concentrations, along with “error bands”, as well as temperature, over the last 500 million years. (OK, if you believe the earth is only 6000 years old, you might as well stop reading now, since there is no hope for you.) (Don’t worry about the bottom graph, it is what is called a “proxy”, and we will not concern ourselves with it at this time. If you want to learn more about it, go to the video that is posted with my original posting on this subject.)

Now, what is very obvious is that at about 350 ppm (parts per million), the present concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (see “World Climate Widget” in my sidebar for current data) is literally decimal dust when compared to how high it has been in the past. In fact, CO2 concentration appears to be almost 0 on the scale of the graph, because it has been almost 8000 ppm in the distant past. The only time that CO2 concentrations were nearly as low as they are now was about 300 million years ago.   So, with one graph we have shown that CO2 has been much higher in the past, and also that there is no discernible correlation between CO2 and temperature. (Note that on the temperature scale, up is lower temperature, thus showing that normally it has been much warmer than it is today.)

The graph does show two other things, however. First, there is obviously a correlation between GCR (galactic cosmic rays) and temperature, with a delay of about 40 million years between peaks of GCR and troughs in global temperature. Granted, correlation does not equal causation, but it is clear that there is at least a reasonable correlation between GCR and temperature, while it is clear that there is little, if any, correlation between CO2 and temperature. (Actually, as I point out in another paper that uses Al Gore’s vaunted Vostok ice core data, there is a correlation between temperature and CO2, but it is just the opposite of what Gore claims. Temperature changes appear to cause CO2 changes, but not the other way around. And, there are logical reasons for that, but that is out of the scope of this paper.)

Another thing to notice from the graph is that we appear to be leaving a cold (icehouse) period and entering another warm (greenhouse) period. This shows that the statement that it has never been warmer is another lie. The graph clearly shows that it has been warmer. In fact, it has been warmer most of the time, on a macro time scale. So, I hear you saying, you admit that the earth is getting warmer! Yes, I do. I just claim that it is a natural phenomenon that we have seen in the past. This data suggests that GCRs may be a very strong driver of global temperature. It also shows that CO2 is clearly not a strong driver of temperature. (And, I am not arguing that CO2 has no effect on temperature; it has only a second or third order effect.)

In the next graph, we see temperature in Siberia over the last 700 years. Again, you can clearly see a correlation between solar and GCR levels and temperature. What is significant to recognize in this graph is that there can be no conceivable mechanism where temperature could have an effect on GCR or solar radiation, while clearly GCR and solar radiation could have an effect on temperature, as described in the full article, video, and documentation. (I mention this because, as shown earlier, there does appear to be a link between temperature causing CO2 variability.)

Of course, we cannot control GCR. They are controlled by our position in the Milky Way galaxy, as well as the output of the sun. To spend trillions of dollars to make meaningless decreases (actually slower rates of increase) in CO2 is meaningless and stupid. But, if cosmic rays are the major driver of climate change, then all of the billions of dollars that governments are wasting on “research” showing that CO2 increases are going to destroy the world are a complete waste of money. Of course, if your job is dependent on that research, would you want the information in this article to become widely known? I doubt it.

The Iranian Bomb … Because You Have Waited Way Too Long

Another entertaining production from LatmaTV. This is the full, long version of the production. The main part comes after about 2 minutes 30 seconds and extends to 6:13. (For the record, I believe that Iran already has at least 6, and maybe as many as 2 dozen bombs. After all, it is really not “rocket science”. All you need is the fissile material, and they have had 30 years to get that, whether from the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Pakistan, or indigenous sources.)

And, yes we did wait too long. We should have taken them out in 2003 after we took out Saddam Hussein, instead of pissing away $1 trillion on rebuilding Iraq, much of which is going to be annexed by Iran, anyway, especially if we don’t take out Iran’s nuclear weapons…NOW! And, once we do, no rebuilding!

Looks More And More Like Supertanker M Star Was Attacked

It was pretty clear that something unusual happened to the supertanker M Star in the Strait of Hormuz on July 28. Based on the fact that Iran blamed a rogue wave caused by a non-existent earthquake made me immediately suspect Iran as the culprit. And, the fact that they just launched 4 new indigenous submarines tended to make me even more suspicious, especially in view of the fact that there did not seem to be much, if any, explosive residue, while there was clearly a dent. Could it have been rammed by a submarine? (And, submarines have been known to collide with supertankers in the Strait of Hormuz in the past, although not intentionally.)

But, now it looks more and more like the claims of an al-Qaeda aligned Muslim group, the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam, that they attacked the ship may be true. While some people doubted the claim, they have made reliable claims in the past. Anyway, it was just reported by Kyodo News that

Soot marks radiating from the damaged section of the ship’s starboard quarter suggest something exploded near the surface of the water next to the hull.

The findings were reported Wednesday to an investigative panel of private-sector and government experts. The ministry also told the panel that a crew member heard a loud sound and felt a shock on the starboard side at the time and saw a descending red flash.

I suspect we will see more of these kinds of attacks in the future.

So You Think All Ideologies Are Equal? Think Again!

Many people seem to think that one ideology is as good as another. Many seem to think that one form of government is as good as another. Many people think that there is no such thing as superior cultures. After all, if one culture was better than another, how could anyone embrace multiculturalism? Of course, such people simply ignore the facts. Obama and his co-conspirators feel that we should spread the wealth around. After all, at some point, “…you have made enough money”. Of course, enough money for Obama (at about $10 million), the Clintons (at over $100 million) and many other socialists like George Soros (in the $billions) feel that what is enough money for you is not enough money for them. But, of course, they are better than you.

And, after all, look at how successful their socialist philosophy has proven to be around the world. You have shining examples like Cuba and Venezuela. And, just look at how well socialism and communism have worked out for the people of North Korea when compared to their brothers in South Korea! Remember, the only real difference between North and South Korea is their methods of government and economic policies.

And, of course, we repeatedly hear that all religious beliefs and doctrines are equivalent. Of course, anyone who looks rationally at the situation knows in their hearts that Islam is not as good as Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or any other major religion. But, that is not politically correct to even imply. After all, Islam is the “religion of peace”. (Seems to me more like a “religion of pieces” –as in body parts– but that may just be my “Islamophobia” shining through.)

But, in this excellent video, Moorthy Muthuswamy, the author of the new book  Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War talks about another situation of similar peoples and surroundings, but very different results. Of course, he is referring to the history of Pakistan and India after they were broken apart and made into separate countries in 1947. Pakistan is a totally broken country, dependent on charity from other nations to survive, while India is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most vibrant economic powerhouses. How can two countries, that were once one, have evolved to look so different? The answer is easy. Pakistan is an Islamic nation based on a 7th century world view, while India is predominantly Hindu, and embraces science, technology, reason, thought, and modernity. As Mr. Muthuswamy points out, the founder of Pakistan himself, Mohammad Ali Jinnah said, said in 1948: “Islamic principles today are as applicable to life as they were 1300 years ago.” That, in a single sentence, tells you the problem with Islam, and explains why Islamic countries are so backward and why they will never become prosperous contributors to the society of the world unless they can radically reform Islam, or simply dump it into the trash bin of history.

Watch these great videos.

Iraq Poised For Total Collapse and Civil War Now That US Troops Leaving

I have been saying for years that keeping our troops in Iraq “to build a democracy” was total lunacy. As I and many others have pointed out, Iraq, like any other Muslim nation, cannot have a true representative democracy. Islam and democracy are mutually exclusive. Islam is a totalitarian, fascist ideology. Since the Koran, Hadiths, and sunna constitute all knowable information, and Mohammad was the perfect man, and everything he said and did was to be imitated, democracy, which elevates the individual and the will of the people to be the ultimate ruling authority, are mutually exclusive. Trust me, if you read the Koran, it not only does not mention democracy, or democratic principles, but it commands that people submit to the rule and word of Allah and follow the lead of Mohammad. In fact, the word Islam means submission. In a democracy, people do not submit; they rule.

So, now we have lost over 4000 soldiers and pissed away over $1 trillion trying to turn Iraq into a democracy. And, we have failed. Oh, sure, Obama is touting the fact that he promised to end the war and bring the troops home, and he is now doing that. Some people keep pointing out how we have vastly improved the infrastructure in Iraq by building dozens of schools and hospitals, expanding and improving the electrical power grid, and expanding access to telephones and the internet. (Internet users has reportedly grown from a few thousand to over 1.5 million, and telephone access has grown from less than 1 million to almost 21 million.) But, to what end? Most Iraqis are still Muslims. As such, they are simply not mentally and emotionally prepared to support a democracy. As in all Muslim nations, the only thing that holds them together is a strong dictator. That is why Iraq held together for so long under Saddam Hussein, and why Iran has held together for so long under the mullahs. It was only the strong force of the US military that kept Iraq together (sort of) for the last few years. Once the Muslims saw that we really were leaving, they resumed their efforts to destabilize and destroy the country. Even before we left, al Qaeda was stepping up it’s bombing campaign, and Iran was getting bolder in it’s efforts to annex most of southern Iraq. And, Syria and Saudi Arabia have certainly been busy trying to exert their influence.

Basically, once the US troops are gone, perhaps starting as early as September, 2010, civil war will break out throughout Iraq. For over 1000 years, the Sunnis have wanted to kill the Shia Muslims, and the Shias have wanted to annihilate the Sunnis. And, everybody wants to kill the Kurds. You see, in Islam, apostates are to be killed. The Koran is very clear about that. And, every Islamic sect sees any other sect as apostates. The only thing that can hold the violence at bay is a strong dictator, or the presence of a strong outside force, like the US military, or a common enemy. (This is why Iran has hosted bin Laden, and cooperated with him. They both hate the United States and the West, and, as the expression goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.) (And, remember, it was not until the “surge” that even our military had any success at containing the violence.

So, the Muslims are waiting until we are gone, which is what any sensible person would have expected. Now, “let the games begin!” The government is in total disarray. This is because the two major sects (Sunni and Shia) cannot agree on who will control the government, besides hating each other. In general, the government is largely controlled by Shia Muslims, and thus is in bed with Iran, a country which can’t wait to annex most of southern Iran, which is rich with oil fields. (Those same fields that we rebuilt, and which are now starting to produce significant amounts of oil.) The Kurds want to be able to control their part of Iraq, which is largely the northern part. And, Saudi Arabia, whose Wahhabi Muslims are just an extreme form of Sunni Muslims, want their influence to be felt. And, of course, the Sunni al Qaeda wants to be able to control as much of the world as it can.

So, there you have it. I was in favor of taking out Saddam Hussein, because he was a danger to the Western world, and there was strong evidence that he did have a hand in many terrorist attacks against the United States and other Western targets. And, I still believe that he had weapons of mass destruction; he was just smart enough to remove the evidence once he knew that we were coming for it. We even saw it leaving Iraq and heading for the Bekaa Valley, and other locations, but we did nothing to stop the transfer. I suspect we will be seeing those chemical and biological weapons in the very near future, probably brought into our country through our criminally porous Mexican border.

The problem with the Iraq war was that we stayed to try to build a democracy in a land where that is an impossible dream. The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things; not to build democracies and infrastructure. And, now that we are finally leaving (many years after Bush declared the mission accomplished), we are going to have to watch all that we paid and fought for go up in smoke and go to enemy nations, like Iran.

Just think how many nuclear power plants and how much needed infrastructure we could have built in the United States with the $1 trillion dollars!

Three things you should know about Islam before it affects you!

This is a great video that I found over at The Jawa Report. It is a must view for all non-Muslims; especially those in politics and the media. Far too many non-Muslims actually know what Islam is. They think it is like any other religion. But, as this video will show you in a few short minutes, it is not like other religions. In fact, because Islam is NOT just a religion, but a totally fascist ideology that controls all aspects of people’s lives and the very political and legal system itself, if must be banished in the United States, and any other country that values democracy and freedom.

Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone

I saw this Youtube video on Michael Totten’s excellent site. If you want to really see and learn about what is really happening in the Middle East, his site has some great material. He is a totally independent journalist (making much of his income from donations from readers). This music video is by an exiled Iranian band, and it is a poignant depiction of the situation in Iran with it’s repressive, tyrannical, theocratic regime.