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Posts on ‘August 19th, 2010’

Looks More And More Like Supertanker M Star Was Attacked

It was pretty clear that something unusual happened to the supertanker M Star in the Strait of Hormuz on July 28. Based on the fact that Iran blamed a rogue wave caused by a non-existent earthquake made me immediately suspect Iran as the culprit. And, the fact that they just launched 4 new indigenous submarines […]

So You Think All Ideologies Are Equal? Think Again!

Many people seem to think that one ideology is as good as another. Many seem to think that one form of government is as good as another. Many people think that there is no such thing as superior cultures. After all, if one culture was better than another, how could anyone embrace multiculturalism? Of course, […]

Iraq Poised For Total Collapse and Civil War Now That US Troops Leaving

I have been saying for years that keeping our troops in Iraq “to build a democracy” was total lunacy. As I and many others have pointed out, Iraq, like any other Muslim nation, cannot have a true representative democracy. Islam and democracy are mutually exclusive. Islam is a totalitarian, fascist ideology. Since the Koran, Hadiths, […]