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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

Suggestions For A More Sane World

Now that Christmas has come about, again, I say that it is time for a saner view of Christmas and religion. Anyone who has actually studied Christmas, as well as Christianity, realizes that Christmas is based wholly on Pagan rituals, and Christianity is based wholly on myths, lies, and legends. As a feeble attempt to […]

Morons At Cancun Climate Conference Sign Petition To Ban Water And To Cause US GDP To Decline By 6%

I kid you not, the climate wackos are really out there. Of course, we all know that “Global Warming”, now called “Climate Change”, is nothing but a total fraud instituted to transfer wealth from developed, modern nations, like the United States, to backward, undeveloped (and mostly corrupt) third world nations. Just the fact that the […]

Iran Air HQ Star Of David Has Been There For Years

I find it interesting that the Star Of David on the roof of Iran Air’s Headquarters in Tehran has just been discovered. How can such a thing on the roof of a building not have been noticed before, especially since it is at an airport in Tehran? Some people have claimed that it is just […]