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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

Libya: A Premature Victory Celebration

By George Friedman The war in Libya is over. More precisely, governments and media have decided that the war is over, despite the fact that fighting continues. The unfulfilled expectation of this war has consistently been that Moammar Gadhafi would capitulate when faced with the forces arrayed against him, and that his own forces would […]

Preparations For Hurricane Irene

It is too early to tell just how devastating hurricane Irene is going to be. While it was forecast to be a devastating hurricane, recent reports (and measurements) show that it is weakening. But, that is no reason for people to let down their guard, or to assume that this is just another “ho-hum” storm. […]

The New Libya: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid

I have been saying for months that the “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East will probably end very badly, and this is looking to be especially true in Libya. As I noted in February, it is clear that Mustafa Abdel Jalil is an Islamist, but the more I look into the situation, the worse […]

Israeli-Arab Crisis Approaching

By George Friedman In September, the U.N. General Assembly will vote on whether to recognize Palestine as an independent and sovereign state with full rights in the United Nations. In many ways, this would appear to be a reasonable and logical step. Whatever the Palestinians once were, they are clearly a nation in the simplest […]

Libya’s Draft Constitution: Officially An Islamist State And Terrorist Haven

I have predicted before that the “Arab Spring” is going to end very badly, in that all the talk of democracy is nothing more than a smokescreen for the coming Sharia states and thus oppressive theocracies, just like we see in Iran. If you recall, that was also going to be a democratic revolution, at […]

The Fall Of Gaddafi; The Fall Of Libya

I don’t have access to American media like CNN, but Al Jazeera is having an orgasm about the downfall of Gaddafi. I received a text message from CNN telling me that two of Gaddafi’s sons have been captured or surrendered. I’m sure NATO and the US are overjoyed about the developments. But,  they should be […]

Re-Examining the Arab Spring

By George Friedman On Dec. 17, 2010, Mohammed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor, set himself on fire in a show of public protest. The self-immolation triggered unrest in Tunisia and ultimately the resignation of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. This was followed by unrest in a number of Arab countries that the global press […]

Why Not Spread Good Students’ GPA Around Like Dems Want To Redistribute Wealth?

I love this one. A recently graduated college student made up a brief survey asking students with high GPAs (Grade Point Averages for the socialists out there) if they would be willing to have some of their points contributed to students who were not as successful as them. After all, that is what the democrats […]

Thoughts On The Iowa Debate, Straw Poll, And The 2012 Election

I don’t normally do pieces like this because I feel that all politics is primarily show business for ugly people and the only thing that most politicians care about is being re-elected. But, the Iowa debate and the results of the straw poll were interesting and significant. The event was a huge win for Ron […]

Governor Christie Panders To Islamists

If you want to know why the United States has gone to Hell in the last 70 or so years, starting with the corruption and failed economic policies of Franklin Roosevelt, and continuing to today’s incompetent and corrupt government and its failed economic policies,it is politics.  (Obama is doing pretty much exactly what FDR did. […]