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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

Climategate 2.0 – Waiting for the Next Boot to Drop

Like many scientists who are convinced that the whole anthropogenic global warming subject is nothing more than a political scam designed to transfer wealth from citizens of the world to governments and selected corporate entities and private individuals, I was overjoyed to see the original Climategate e-mail releases. They clearly showed that the whole thing […]

Raped Woman Jailed for Adultery and Forced to Marry Rapist

Remind me again. Why have we wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in hell holes like Afghanistan and Iraq? I realize that Sadam Hussein had to go. He was a terrorist and supported terrorism. Indications are that he was behind the Oklahoma City Bombing and there were clearly al Qaeda training camps in […]

Occupy “Whatever”: Leftists, Morons and Lunatics

The whole “Occupy” movement is interesting to follow. Although it “seemed” to come out of nothing, it was clearly anticipated and nurtured from the beginning. Indications are clear that leftist Cretans like George Soros, and leftist organizations like SEIU and other arms of the Democratic Party, are behind it. We also know that the government […]

Syria, Iran and the Balance of Power in the Middle East

By George Friedman U.S. troops are in the process of completing their withdrawal from Iraq by the end-of-2011 deadline. We are now moving toward a reckoning with the consequences. The reckoning concerns the potential for a massive shift in the balance of power in the region, with Iran moving from a fairly marginal power to […]

Europe’s Crisis: Beyond Finance

By George Friedman Everyone is wondering about the next disaster to befall Europe. Italy is one focus; Spain is also a possibility. But these crises are already under way. Instead, the next crisis will be political, not in the sense of what conventional politician is going to become prime minister, but in the deeper sense […]

Rethinking American Options on Iran

By George Friedman Public discussion of potential attacks on Iran’s nuclear development sites is surging again. This has happened before. On several occasions, leaks about potential airstrikes have created an atmosphere of impending war. These leaks normally coincided with diplomatic initiatives and were designed to intimidate the Iranians and facilitate a settlement favorable to the […]

Pat Condell Tells The Truth About The Great Palestinian Lie

And, as rebuttal to comments critical of his above posting, he posted the following.