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Posts from ‘December, 2011’

The 2012 Voting Dilema

The all-important election of 2012 is upon us. But, who can rational, realistic, scientific people vote for? The Republican party has a whole bunch of “delusional” (as Jesse Ventura described them) people who believe in an imaginary friend who told them to run for office, or vote for this or that, or whatever. The Democrats […]

Talking About Extremist and Moderate Muslims Is Like Talking About Extremist and Moderate Nazis

OK folks, lets get over it! There is, as a famous Islamist said, no “moderate Islam. Islam is Islam”. I can hear the liberal morons screaming now: Islamophobe!!! Nobody in the main stream ever said that! You are quoting someone like Osama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahiri! Wrong! I am quoting the Islamist Prime Minister […]

Arab Spring Should Be Renamed Arab Fall Because It Will Probably Lead To Muslim Nuclear Winter

I wrote a long time ago that the whole “Arab Spring” thing would end badly. While the main stream media was covering the riots and demonstrations with excitement and glee, it was clear to anyone who actually understood Islam and what was happening that what we were seeing was not something that the West should […]