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April, 2012:

Excellent Presentation Shows How Cosmic Rays (NOT CO2) Is Primary Driver Of Global Temperature

I have written several times that cosmic rays, not CO2, are a primary driver of global temperature. (Here, here, and here.) While this, of course, is ignored by the main stream media and the global warmingistas, it is becoming more and more clear that the primary driver of temperature on the earth is the sun. Imagine that!? Some would ask why the media would ignore an important story like this. It is because the media is generally somewhat left of Carl Marx and likes nothing better than taxes, so that their socialist politicians can have more money to redistribute, thus buying votes. Many “scientists” still cling to the failed theory that CO2 is causing irreversible climate change, in spite of the fact that their theories produce data that simply is not validated by measurements, including the simple fact that while CO2 has continued to increase, there has been no warming in the last 15 years, because their jobs depend on CO2 caused climate change. After all, if the sun is in charge of temperature, there is no “problem” to “solve”. In fact, temperatures are going down, sea levels are lowering slightly, and global sea ice is becoming more wide-spread, especially in the southern hemisphere.
This short video of a presentation by Dr. Henrik Svensmark of the Center for Sun-Climate Research shows more evidence of how solar activity modulates the amount of cosmic rays that reach the earth, which in turn modulates the amount of cloud cover, which, of course, modulates the temperature of the earth. This video even shows the very direct and short term changes in cloud cover caused by coronal mass ejections from the sun.