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Posts from ‘September, 2012’

Pat Condell Gets It Right About Why We Don’t, And Never Will, Respect Islam

A word to rioting Muslims. (I know, that is redundant.) Well said, Pat, I could not agree with you more.

We Need To Add A New Phrase, “Going Muslim”, To The Lexicon

It is becoming obvious that we must add the term “going Muslim” to the lexicon, just like “going postal” was added a couple of decades ago. It is also time that our government, the liberals, and the media admit that Islam is inherently violent, and thus steps must be taken to limit it. Unlike Christianity, […]

It’s Time To Simply Cut Off The Spoiled Muslim Brats

Today, (9/11, of all days), the spoiled Muslim brats in Egypt stormed our embassy in Cairo and tore down our flag and burned it. They then went further and demanded that WE apologize to them about supposedly insulting their insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynist, megalomaniac, pedophile hero Mohammad and his sock puppet Allah! I say enough […]