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November, 2012:

Republicans’ Ridiculous Religiosity Lost Them The Election

By now we all know that Obama beat Romney in the presidential election. And, Republicans are asking themselves why. Well, the reasons are simple, with the most glaring problem being the insane religiosity of the Republican platform. This is America, so anyone is free to believe any stupid thing they want to believe–as long as they don’t force that insane belief on other citizens. Republicans don’t seem to realize that issues about birth control and abortion are none of their business. Those issues are between a woman and her doctor. Period. It gets even worse when you have idiots like Judge Andrew Napolitano stating that it should be illegal for a woman to get an abortion even in the case of incest or rape!  (In fact, I stated in an article in August how such beliefs could cost the Republicans the election, and I was correct.) And, lets not forget other prominent Republicans making comments to the effect that “real rapes” can’t result in pregnancy!  No wonder women (and men) have abandoned the Republican party in droves! With these misogynistic policies, they remind me of the Taliban and al Qaeda.

I don’t know the exact number of women (and men) that have abandoned the Republican party because of its extreme religiosity, but it is a very considerable number. Personally, I switched to the Libertarian party partially because their official platform states that abortion and birth control are between a woman and her doctor, but also because they are the only party that has the only economic platform that has any hope of ever getting this country back on its feet: no personal income tax, reduced corporate income taxes, and slashing the size of the government by at least 50%. (Personally, I don’t think 50% is enough of a cut, since that would only take us back to around 2000 levels, and nobody can state with a straight face that the government was not big enough in 2000. I say we need to go back to 1950s or 1960s levels, which would probably be a cut of more like 80% to 90%.)

While the Republican party outwardly states that it wants to improve the lives of poor people, and bring them out of poverty, their policies on birth control and abortion are one of the main causes of poverty, since children are expensive and if you are essentially forced to have more children than you can afford by government policy, you may be forced into poverty. And, there are few things that are more predictive of both poverty and a lack of proper education than an unwed teenage mom, many of whom are from staunchly Republican (and/or Catholic) backgrounds where both birth control and abortion are forbidden.

This is the 21st century. We know that religion is based on myths, lies, legends, and fears of death that date back many thousands of years. We need to wake up and realize that there is almost certainly no god and stop acting as if some magic, all-knowing, all-seeing bearded being must be appeased for some “sin” that happened thousands of years ago. And, by the way, there is noting in the Bible about birth control or abortion. And, if there is a god, she is the biggest abortionist in the world because of all of the miscarriages that she causes.