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March, 2014:

Lets Face It: The Passengers on MH370 Are Dead

I am amazed at how CNN and other moronic “news” companies try to paint a potentially rosy picture for the fate of the passengers on MH370. Lets face it; they have been missing for 2 weeks. They are, unfortunately, dead. There are only two alternatives. In one case, the airplane was hijacked, probably by Muslims, and crashed for some reason. In the other case, there was a mechanical or other problem, such as fire, that caused a crash.

While it might be tempting to think that the airplane was commandeered and flown to an unknown landing strip, that scenario is almost impossible to believe at this point. While it is possible that it evaded the military radar of various countries in the area, which is probably not too hard to do, if it did land, why have we not heard the demands or seen what the ultimate purpose for the plane was? Since the hijackers would know that there would be a huge search underway for them, they would want to take their next step very quickly. Also, it would be exceptionally difficult to hide anything as large as a 777 for an extended period of time. Yes, there were over 600 airports large enough to support the operation of such a large plane within the fuel range of the plane, but most of them are large, busy commercial airports where hiding the operation of such a plane would be impossible. Of the remaining, few, airports that are not busy commercial hubs, it would be very hard to hide such a large aircraft from air, ground, and satellite searches. And, as for the 239 passengers, I doubt if the hijackers would be providing catering for such a large group for such a long time. If they were not killed in the air, perhaps from lack of oxygen, if the aircraft was really taken to 45000 feet and depressurized, they would have been killed as soon as the aircraft arrived at its destination. (If the aircraft was taken to 45000 feet and depressurized, depending on how long it spent at that altitude to be sure the passengers were dead, the crew might have had to have pressurization suits to avoid getting the bends themselves. Maybe it was taken over and the crew thought that they could just provide themselves with oxygen and not supply oxygen to the passengers, in which case the passengers would be dead in a while. But, they might not have realized that even though they had oxygen, the low pressure at 45000 could have caused them to get the bends if they stayed at that altitude too long and did not properly re-pressurize their environment. Maybe that reported dive to low altitude from 45000 feet was an attempt by the crew to avoid getting the bends, but perhaps it did not work.)

Anyway, while it is still remotely possible that the aircraft was diverted to some secret location to reappear to commit some act of terrorism, that is highly unlikely. It is far more likely, after 2 weeks, that something terrible happened to the plane and crew and it crashed; probably in the Indian Ocean. In either case, it must be assumed that the passengers are now dead. It would simply be too risky and prohibitively expensive to keep them alive for so long if the aircraft was successfully diverted. (What if one of them had a satellite phone? Even the act of that phone linking to the network would pinpoint the location of the plane.)

My guess is that something overtook the crew and a terrible accident happened. It’s time for CNN to find something else to talk about. No wonder the ratings for CNN are so abysmal.