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Posts on ‘September 27th, 2014’

The West Needs More Brutal Dictators in the Muslim World–Why We Now Bomb for Assad

Lets face it, we need more brutal dictators to rule the Muslim world. While I supported getting rid of Saddam Hussein because he did support al Qaeda, almost certainly had chemical weapons, and was probably involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, I did not support war efforts once he was gone. When George Bush infamously […]

CNN Nightmare: Black Convert to Islam Beheads Woman and is Shot by Armed Citizen

This story must be about the worst nightmare that CNN could imagine. They constantly harp on situations where black (and to their mind innocent) people are shot. They constantly harp on how ISIS may stage attacks on the homeland. They constantly dwell on gun control. (In fact, I suspect Piers Morgan’s fixation on gun possession […]