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December, 2015:

The Lunacy of Climate Change Alarmism

We are now enduring yet another senseless conference on climate change in Paris known as COP21. (Congress Of the Parties 21. Even the title is a subterfuge to hide the true intent. Why not call it Global Warming Conference 21, or Climate Change Conference 21? Or, how about The 21th Conference on Global Governance? Or, the 21th Conference on Global Dictatorship? Instead, they give it with a meaningless name. But, that is appropriate, since they are wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on a senseless, meaningless, and non-controllable issue–climate change–and they need to hide their intentions.)

Obama made his obligatory appearance, and gave a 14 minute lecture in his allotted 5 minute space. His trip there on Air Force 1 meant the expenditure of more CO2 into the atmosphere than the combined output of 31 homes for a year! If he was so concerned, why didn’t he just do an appearance by video conference? Of course, that applies to all of the attendees. Today, thanks to the Internet, there is virtually no reason for personal appearances or speeches. It can all be done via video-conference. But, of course, they realize that there is no real crisis. The whole AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming, or Man-Made Global Warming) scam is a total fraud, and they know it. The whole thing is political, and it is all about global government, taxation, and wealth redistribution, as well as total control over the lives of the people of the world, especially in the developed Western World. Through the abomination known as Agenda 21, they intend to take total control over the lives, property, and rights of people in the Western World, and especially in the United States.

So, why do I say that CO2 caused Global Warming is a fraud and a total non-issue? I look at the data and use some common sense. What qualifies me to do this? I am an engineering consultant with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University. Before I ran out of calendar time to complete my PhD dissertation studies, due to the time I needed to put into my consulting business, I was a PhD candidate at Lehigh. As a graduate student, I primarily studied solid state physics. Solid state physics is behind the operation of all solid state devices like iPhones, Android phones, and computers. Most people know solid state physics by the name of quantum mechanics or quantum physics. During his life, even Einstein did not understand or accept the strange things that happen in quantum mechanics. But, it is the basis of all modern electronics since William Shockley invented the transistor in 1947. So, while I am not a “climate scientist”, whatever that is, I do understand science and physics in the deepest sense. And, I can read and understand scientific papers. And, I understand how science is supposed to work. The late Dr. Richard Feinman, the chairman of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster study, and, arguably, one of the greatest scientists since Einstein, said “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.” This is, in essence, my argument with climate scientists who claim that we are all doomed! Their “scientific” predictions simply don’t fit the data.

Lets start with the temperature since 1979 as measured by a satellite, which is the only objective measurement of temperature that we have. (All of the talk that you hear about the hottest this or that is based on “adjusted” earth-based measurements which are simply not objective and not reliable because of siting, measurement difficulties, lack of coverage over the earth, taking more readings in built-up areas and cities and less in places where it tends to be cooler, like Siberia, etc.) It has not gone up over the last 15 years, unlike all of the predictions of the “climate scientists” and the UN. The “climate scientists” have no real explanation for the pause in rising temperatures, and they lament that fact. (And, I am not arguing that temperatures have not been going up over the last 150 years. We came out of the “Little Ice Age”, so of course temperatures rose. But, a very small amount of that rise is due to CO2.) (Graph from Dr. Roy Spencer’s web site:


Next, lets look at the fraud perpetrated on the world by Al Gore with his presentations on Global Warming. Did you see the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”? In it, he famously presented two graphs, one on the top of the screen and the other on the bottom of the screen. Then, he famously asked “Do you think they fit together?” What a fraud! Al Gore is not a scientist, unless you consider a “political science” degree a science degree!  While he has been able to manipulate AGW and corporate board positions to generate huge personal wealth, he is not a scientist, and he is not to be believed. In fact, how serious can someone be that publishes a book about climate catastrophe with a cover image of  huge hurricanes in the northern hemisphere that are rotating in the wrong direction??? If he is that cavalier about fact checking for the cover of one of his books, how can you trust  anything inside the book? (In case you didn’tknow, hurricanes in the northern hemisphere rotate counter-clockwise, not clockwise as shown on the cover of his book.)gore_hurr1

Getting to the fraud of his famous CO2 and temperature graphs, the image below is taken from his video presentation “An Inconvenient Truth”. The red graph on the top is CO2 concentration in ppm (parts per million) and the bottom graphic is temperature. A real scientist would never present such data in such a deceptive manner (unless they were trying to deceive the audience) especially when the two graphs have such similar shapes. A real scientist would plot the two graphs on top gore_co2_temp_chart

of each other, as shown in the graph below. In the graph below, I took the exact same ice core data used by Gore, that covered a period of about 650,000 years, and plotted a portion of the graphs on top of each other using Matlab. As you can see, there is  some correlation between the data sets, but you can clearly see that temperature LEADS CO2, not the other way around. In other words, temperature goes up, and then CO2 goes up. Temperature goes down, and then CO2 goes down. This is exactly the opposite of what Al Gore and the other global warmingistas are claiming! The generally agreed-upon theory to explain this relationship is that as temperature goes up, CO2 is released from the oceans in a way that is similar to the way that CO2 is released from soda as it warms up, and thus CO2 lags temperature, not the other way around. (This graph was taken from a much more detailed article that I wrote on this subject in 2009, To write this article, I downloaded the exact same set of data that Al Gore used, but I graphed the data in such a way that you can clearly see the actual relationship between CO2 and temperature.)

vostok_co2_temp_CO2_150000_to_80000_printNext, we’ll look at a very interesting graph that shows just how wrong the man-made global warming nuts are. It is a graph that shows CO2, temperature, and galactic cosmic rays (about which we will hear later) over the last 500 million years. It shows that there clearly is no correlation between CO2 and temperature. It shows that temperature HAS been much higher than it is today, and it shows that CO2 HAS been much higher than it is today. In fact, it shows that CO2 has been as high as 8000 parts per million, more than 20 times higher than it is today. And, it shows that temperatures have been much higher than they are today. In fact, it shows that temperatures have usually been about 20 to 22 degrees C MOST of the time! It has been very unusual for the global temperature to be about 14 degrees C where it is today. (Notice that the temperature graph is higher at the bottom of the range and lower at the top of the range. While this may seem like a strange way to display temperature, it was done to more clearly show the correlation between temperature and galactic cosmic rays.) But, this graph does show a very interesting correlation. (And, yes, I realize that correlation is not proof of causation, but clearly there is no correlation between temperature and CO2 over a long time scale, but there definitely is a correlation between galactic cosmic rays and temperature. And, there is an explanation for that which makes sense and that is being borne out by experiments. I write about this theory that global temperature variations may be caused, in large part, by changes in the cosmic ray flux reaching the earth in a 2010 article on my blog at The experiments explained in this posting were later validated, showing that cosmic rays can cause cloud formation and thus modulate global temperature. This CERN research is on-going, but they obviously had a hard time getting funding, and they were told to keep relatively quiet about their findings, as you can image.)cosmic_ray_temp_siberia_Page_15

How about the danger of rising sea level? Well, that is not much of a problem, either. Yes, sea levels are rising, but the rate of rise has been amazingly steady as the graph from the EPA below shows. (Source: ) Again, the most significant number is the satellite data, which we only have for the last few decades, since the other data has a large degree of uncertainty, especially before 1940, and the site admits that the non-satellite data is “adjusted”. If a global warmingista, like Al Gore, really believed in catastrophic sea level rise, whey would he have purchased a ground floor town house at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, which he did?


But, this graphic only covers the period since the end of the Little Ice Age. Lets go back further. Now, that is what I call a major rise in sea level. What we’ve had for the last 150 years is almost no sea level rise, as we should suspect since we are only coming out of a Little Ice Age and not a major ice age. (This graph is from “Changing Sea levels During the Past 25,000 Years”, from the US Fish and Wildlife Services, )


So, sea levels are rising, but they are rising at a much slower rate than they rose earlier, and we know that the rising over most of the last 25,000 years could not have been caused by changing CO2 levels, and there is no reason to believe that rising CO2 levels will cause a significant level of sea level rise. Of course, since most people in the world live near an ocean, rising sea levels will cause problems, but most of those problems are the result of people foolishly building expensive buildings near the ocean. There have always been natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tsunamis, and these will continue. The more we build perilously close to the ocean, the more damage we will see. Rebuilding a city like New Orleans was, basically, stupid, because you know it will be destroyed by another hurricane in the future. The same goes for the Outer Banks, the Jersey shore, and much of New York City and Long Island. In fact, the worst hurricanes in the United States, happened decades ago, before these areas were so build up. As they become more and more built up, and as natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis occur, the damage will be worse and worse. We need to apply some reality to zoning, building, and development in areas close to the oceans.

Lets look at shrinking ice caps. Contrary to what you will hear on the lame-stream media and from global warmingistas, the Antarctic ice cap is growing! In fact, I don’t remember the media and the warmingistas trumpeting this 2014 article on ( )


Of course, they have their obligatory disclaimer about how, even though Antarctic ice is increasing, Arctic ice is decreasing at a devastating rate. But, lets look at the following image from the same article.

2014_antarctic_and_artic_sea_iceThe important thing to notice in this graphic is how much larger the Antarctic ice sheet is compared to the Arctic ice sheet. Also, we need to remember the basic physics involved. The size of the sea ice sheet is not relevant to sea level. If all of the sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic melted, sea levels would not rise. Think about your drink, which you may need if you have gotten this far through this article. If you fill your glass to the brim with Jack Daniels and ice cubes, does it overflow when the ice cubes melt? No. Don’t believe me, try it. Granted, if all of the sea ice melted then some of the ice on the Greenland and Antarctica would melt more rapidly, and that water would lead to sea level rise. But, sea ice, by itself, is irrelevant. And, as the photo below of a submarine surfacing at the North Pole in 1959 shows, there have been many years when sea ice at the North Pole melted. It is not a new phenomena. ( )ssn-578_skate_north-pole_surfacing_1959_from_watts-up-with-that

If the Arctic went ice-free each year, it would allow ships to traverse the area and greatly reduce shipping costs on some routes. Again, this is not going to result in a huge financial advantage, but melting sea ice is not new and not dangerous. Finally, lets remember that Greenland was given that name for a reason. 1000  or so years ago, it was very green and settled. Then, it got cold and people left. Again, the climate changed but it had nothing to do with CO2.

Finally, lets look at climate change from a practical point of view. The figure below shows temperature over the last 5000 years. It has gone up and it has gone down. There is, obviously, no relationship to CO2. In fact, global temperature seems to depend on solar and volcanic eruption drivers, which makes perfect sense. It’s the sun, stupid! 5000_years_of_temp_and_volcanos_and_solarAgain, as I pointed out before, temperatures have been both warmer and colder, without any relationship to CO2. The sun is now going into a very quiet period. This will allow more galactic cosmic rays to reach the earth. These will, in turn, result in more cloud formation, as explained in my earlier cited article . More cloud formation results in lower temperatures; something even a kindergartner can understand. (But, I bet you did not know that the computer climate models that all of this man-made global warming propaganda relies on do not take into account clouds!) We are now going into a quiet solar cycle similar to the Dalton minimum which resulted in the Little Ice Age. Thus, we can expect global cooling over the next few decades. And, global cooling is more dangerous than global warming. Historically, far more people freeze to death than “cook” to death.

So, I have shown that “man-made global warming” is a fraud. It is designed to impose control over our lives and to restrict our rights. It is designed to transfer wealth according to a formula developed by the people that rule the world. (And those people do not include you and me.) We need to realize these facts and stand up against this tyranny.

I have lots more evidence, and that will probably result in a book over the next few months, as well as additional articles.

Let’s Stand Up Against Global Warming Tyranny,