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May, 2017:

Trump’s Speech In Saudi Arabia Was A Good Start, But It Did Not Go Far Enough

After Barack Obama’s disgraceful performance in Saudi Arabia and Egypt upon taking office, between bowing to a monster like the King of Saudi Arabia and his apology tour speech in Egypt, Trump’s speech to the leaders of the 50 predominantly Muslim countries in Saudi Arabia was a welcome change and a step in the right direction. But, he did not go anywhere near far enough in his condemnation of “Islamic extremists”. We all know that most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. That is no coincidence. Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive countries in the world. And, it is that way because it is one of the most Islamic countries in the world. It, like most “Islamic” countries, follows the barbaric Sharia law, just as Mohammad commanded. Unfortunately, true Muslims, that is people that actually believe the crap that is in the Koran, Haddith, and Sunna, revere an insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynistic, megalomaniac, pedophile named Mohammad and his sock puppet Allah. Today, these people, in their truest version, are called ISIS. And, they formed the Caliphate that I predicted back in 2011.

We keep hearing how “mainstream” (and, by that, they mean “peaceful”), Muslims need to condemn the actions of the terrorists. We keep hearing how the terrorists are not true Muslims. But, of course, you don’t see and hear any sort of broad condemnation of Muslims who carry out atrocities from the general Muslim populace. Why? Because the terrorists are doing just what Mohammad would do. Thus, they are the true Muslims. And, while most Muslims would never kill, butcher, and do what the terrorists do, they don’t, necessarily, really object to it. In fact, just the other day we saw Muslims in Manchester saying how they had nothing to apologize for. Thus, they must support the actions of the Manchester bomber who killed at least 22 innocent people and wounded over 50 more. And, they certainly would not come forward to report fellow Muslims that are about to do what Mohammad commanded and what they would do if they were not afraid of the legal consequences. One need only look as far as the San Bernadino attacks in California in 2015. Many neighbors later said that they saw strange things going on at the terrorists’ home, but they were afraid to report those goings on! They were afraid they would be labeled “racist” or Islamophobic! Political correctness is ripping civilization apart in Europe, which Bat Ye’or correctly dubbed “Eurabia” in her 2005 book. After the tragic Paris and Manchester bombings, which will be repeated many times in the coming years, and probably even in the coming month of Ramadan, we found out that the bomber flew an ISIS flag at his home, was known to the authorities, and was frequently seen spouting Islamic prayers loudly in his neighborhood. Also, from what I have read, his father, who he visited in Libya, was a known terrorist, affiliated with an al Qaeda offshoot. And yet, he was allowed to blow up innocent civilians in England, many of them young, innocent girls. The authorities knew he was a problem, but, as in many other cases, including the Tsarnaev brothers, who pulled off the Boston Marathon bombings, the authorities did nothing

Trump announced a $110 billion Saudi-funded defense purchase. While that is obviously good for our defense contractors (also known as merchants of death), and may lessen the burden on our tax payers to fund the war against Islam, I am a bit skeptical about giving advanced weapons to Muslim nations. I wrote about this in 2009 when it was announced that we were selling the latest version of the F16 fighter to Pakistan, the country that was harboring Osama bin Laden. Pakistan is obviously not our friend, and it is a threat to India. Perhaps the Saudis will use them against Iran. That might be ok. If they don’t destroy Iran’s nuclear program, we, or Israel, will, eventually, have to do it. But, what is to say that they won’t use those weapons against Israel? As long as Muslim nations are fighting other Muslim nations, I have no real problem with arming them since that, eventually, results in fewer Muslims. Again, remember, that I do not believe that Islam is, in any sense, peaceful and I do not believe that Muslims can coexist with the civilized world; at least not until there is a major reformation within Islam and the core beliefs and tenants, including Sharia law, are thrown out and forgotten. Lets remember that none other than President Erdogan, of Turkey, who is basically making himself dictator for life now, said, in 2007; “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” (Additional reference.) And, that is the problem, straight from the horse’s mouth. Islam is Islam. There is no moderate Islam. The sad truth is that many, if not most, Muslims want Sharia law. Many, if not most, Muslims want the Caliphate to be revived and they are in favor of Sharia law. (Attaturk, the last Caliph, disbanded the Caliphate in 1924.) I think that Erdogan wants to be the new Caliph. But, of course, he is second in line after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is the Caliph of the ISIS Caliphate.

Then, in what is sadly reminiscent to me of the absurd announcements from the useless, and actually counter-productive, United Nations, that named Saudi Arabia to the UN commission on Women’s Rights, he said that “Later today, we will make history again with the opening of a new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology — located right here, in this central part of the Islamic World.”

Say what???? Saudi Arabia is at the heart of extremist ideology. In Saudi Arabia, they throw gays off roofs, women are not allowed to drive, women are forced to wear hijabs and burkas. In Saudi Arabia, people have their opposite hands and feet chopped off for robbery and other crimes. In Saudi Arabia, people have their heads chopped off, on a regular basis, for trivial things like leaving the religion or defaming the religion or Mohammad. In 2016, alone, there were 153 beheadings in Saudi Arabia.

Then, Trump said “But this future can only be achieved through defeating terrorism and the ideology that drives it.”

Excuse me, Mr. President, but that ideology is known as Islam!

Few nations have been spared its violent reach.

America has suffered repeated barbaric attacks — from the atrocities of September 11th, to the devastation of the Bostom Bombing, to the horrible killings in San Bernadino and Orlando.

The nations of Europe have also endured unspeakable horror. So too have the nations of Africa and even South America, India, Russia, China and Australia.

It is time to recognize that Islam is a cancer and to root it out in the civilized world. I’m sorry if this sounds hateful, but, until Muslims take up the sword and eliminate those Muslims who follow Mohammad’s barbarous teachings, want Sharia law, and commit Jihad to try to take over the world by force, as commanded by Mohammad, we have no choice but to destroy Islam. We must criticize it, humiliate it, and do all that we can to eliminate it.

I’m sorry to tell you the truth, because you probably can’t handle the truth, but that is the truth. That is reality. Until Islam is destroyed, or at the very least totally reformed, there will be no peace. The civilized world cannot coexist with Islam, and Islam cannot coesist with the civilized, developed world.