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December, 2019:

We Need To Change Who Can Vote in America

We have a major problem in the United States. Much of the country now consists of socialists and communists, or at least people who will vote that way. Of course, that is not surprising given the fact that the people who rule the world have been steering the world to world government, socialism, and taxation for over 100 years. The group primarily behind this is the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which was founded over 100 years ago by Cecil Rhodes (of Rhodes Scholarship infamy) and John Maynard Keynes (of Keynesian economics infamy). It is Keynesian economics that gave us all of depressions and economic boom and bust cycles since the Great Depression. (And, these policies will be directly to blame for the worst depression to ever hit the world in the very near future when the whole economic system comes crashing down. If you think the Great Depression or the Great Recession of 2008-2009 were bad, they will look like boom times once this new depression hits. And, we would be in the depths of it now if Trump had not been elected. But, nobody can stop what is coming and nothing but a return to the gold standard and a total revamping of the world economic system, including getting rid of the ridiculous Keynesian economics policies, will return us, eventually, to sound economic policies.) Other major organizations that are involved include the Billderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and the Club of Rome.

Anyway, starting over 100 years ago, these organizations became the true rulers of the world, even though, until recently, most people had never even heard of them and certainly were not aware of the power of these secretive organizations. Of course, now everyone knows about the “deep state”, which is what these organizations represent. Early on, they realized that they could not bring about their socialist utopia without changing the minds of millions of people. So, they set about revising the “educational” system. Instead of teaching young people reading, writing, and arithmetic, these organizations ensured that the educational system became nothing more than a system to indoctrinate young minds to think that socialism and communism were great and that capitalism was bad. And today, led by fools like AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others, many, if not most, young people actually say they want to see capitalism replaced by socialism or communism. Never mind the fact that socialism and communism have NEVER worked, and have only resulted in misery, shortages, and death. They still think that this time it will be different. Venezuela? Just bad luck. The Soviet Union? Just bad leadership. North Korea? Just bad leadership and bad luck. Cuba? US oppression. So, now they want to destroy the United States and turn it into just another Zimbabwe. Well, we can’t allow that to happen.

The easiest way to prevent it, and to stop most, if not all of the stupid government programs and policies over the last 50 or so years, would be to change the laws pertaining to who can vote. In the early years of our country, only male landowners were generally allowed to vote. (Although the exact requirements were left to the states.) The founding fathers felt that to vote, a person had to have some “skin in the game”, and the only way to assure that was to make sure that they were men who owned land. (Of course, that exclusion of women just shows the misogyny typical of most civilizations until a few decades ago, and that is still typical of many civilizations in the world, even today. Think Islamic countries and Sharia law where a woman is only worth 1/2 a man in all legal matters.)

The income tax is totally immoral and was illegal and unconstitutional for most of the history of the United States. We got along just fine without it. But then, in 1913, Woodrow Wilson, arguably one of the worst presidents in history, imposed the 16th amendment to the Constitution on the American citizens. This forced the income tax on Americans. Of course, in the beginning, it was a relatively low tax and applied to very few Americans. The tax ranged from 1 to 7 percent on income from $3000 per year to income over $500,000 per year. Of course, back then, there were very few people who had those kinds of incomes. So, the tax only applied to, perhaps, 3% of Americans. Furthermore, if those income levels were adjusted for inflation because of the devaluation of the dollar, forced on us by Keynsian economics and the Federal Reserve and by the destruction of the gold standard, those same income levels would range from $66,100 to $11,010,000 in 2010. (1). Of course, at the time it was sold as something that only affected a VERY small percentage of the population, and would be so small as to not really inconvenience them. But, of course, today many Americans see almost half of their income stolen by the federal and state governments.

We hear many people railing about how corporations don’t pay their “fair share” of income taxes. But, those people are totally ignorant about economics. They don’t realize that CORPORATIONS DON”T PAY INCOME TAXES. For a corporation, an income (or any other tax) is just a cost of doing business. If they have to pay more in taxes, they have to charge more for their products. Thus, they don’t pay taxes; the people or entities that buy their products pay those taxes. That is one of the big reasons that many corporations, and their jobs, moved overseas in the last few decades. In the US, taxes were (and still are) way too high. So, to escape those high taxes, to stay in business, businesses were forced to move overseas. And, of course, along with them went their jobs!

For a simple example, in case you don’t get the concept that corporations don’t pay taxes, lets say you have a company that produces a widget. It cost you $100 to produce that widget between the costs of labor, supplies, rental of space to produce the parts and manage the business, electricity to produce the widgets, and energy of some sort to heat or air-condition the company’s buildings, etc. And, lets assume that the company has to make a 10% profit to satisfy the stock holders and to remain in business. (Of course, they probably need more than that, but lets just use 10% for a simple number.) 10% of $100 is $10, so the company has to sell the product for $110, and that is what the customer pays.

Now, along comes AOC, or some other moron. They say the company has to pay a 20% tax. What happens? Well, 20% of the $110 sales price is $22. So, lets say the company just pays the $22 as AOC wants. What happens? Well, the company nets $110-$22, or $88. So, for every widget they sell, they loose $12. ($100-88) What happens? They are very quickly bankrupt and all of their employees are out of work and all of their investors have lost every penny that they invested. Or, they move to another country that has lower taxes and they stay in business and are profitable, but, of course, all of those American jobs are lost. So, what would really happen if they did not leave the United States? They would have to charge at least $22 more to cover the cost of the tax. So, the $110 product would now have to sell for $132. ($110+$22=$132) Now, what happens? The company paid $100 (the original cost) +$22 (the AOC tax), for a total cost of $122. They sell it for $132. But, now they still don’t make the 10% profit margin that they need, because they only made $10 profit, and $10 is only 8.2% of $132. So, really, they would have to charge $134.20. ($122 + 10% of $122, which is $12.20, or $122 + $12.20=$134.20 This is all approximate, but you get the idea.) If they sell if for $134.20, however, they make the same, required, 10% profit and they don’t go bankrupt or move to another country with lower taxes and the employees don’t loose their jobs. But, now a widget that used to cost $110 costs $134.20!! Who pays that extra $24.20? The buyer, of course, not the corporation. Thus, CORPORATIONS DO NOT PAY TAXES.

The above analysis ignores the very real possibility that another company, in another country that does not have that 20% tax, and that may have lower labor costs, as well, sells the product in the United States for $112 at a profit and the original company still goes out of business and the jobs are lost. But, a major cause of that company going out of business and the jobs being lost is the fact that the immoral income tax was imposed on the company.

So, how do we get rid of stupid economic and tax policies? The easiest way is to get rid of stupid voters who vote for free stuff rather than voting responsibly. If people had some “skin in the game”, they would vote more responsibly. How can we assure that they have that necessary “skin in the game”? Easy, require that voters pay income taxes. In 2018, only about 44% of Americans had to pay income taxes. (I’m not talking about Medicare or Social Security taxes. That is money that you, supposedly, will get back. I am talking about actual income taxes.) If those people who did not have to pay income taxes were prevented from voting, I predict that many, if not most, of the stupid policies, mostly from the Democrats, and especially the socialists and communists, would disappear. After all, if you don’t pay income taxes, who would not want free college for all, free health care for all, etc. How about a free, guaranteed income? Where does the lunacy end?

  1. Revenue Act of 1913
  2. 2) More than 44% of Americans pay no federal income tax