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Did Liberian Ebola Patient Deliberately Come to America for Treatment?

We now know that Thomas Eric Duncan came to the United States with Ebola and he may have caused a major epidemic in the United States. Were we, as Americans, just unlucky, or was this a deliberate plot by Duncan to get treatment, no matter what the cost to other people? We now know that he lied at the airport in Liberia when he filled out a health questionnaire. It asked if he had had contact with anyone who had Ebola. He answered NO. But, we know that he helped a pregnant woman who had Ebola a few days before he left Liberia. She died. So, he lied on the document. Did he do that because he knew that he would probably get Ebola and that he would not get adequate (or any) treatment in Liberia and therefore went to the United States where he knew that he would get world class treatment? (Of course, the total incompetency of the CDC and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas were things that he could not have envisioned.)

I suspect this is a highly likely scenario. And, now he may have infected as many as 100 other people, although my personal opinion is that he will only have infected about 8 to 10 people. How many of them will die? How many of them will infect others? And, perhaps more importantly, how many other people from West Africa who can afford a plane ticket to a first world nation will lie to get on a plane and subject thousands, or even millions, of innocents to death by Ebola?

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