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Disgraceful Dhimmitude: Yale University Press Afraid To Publish Muhammad Cartoons In Book About Muhammad Cartoons! → Muhammad in Hell

Muhammad in Hell; Dante’s Inferno Canto 28, verses 30-31; Illustration by Gustave Dore Source: Gutenberg Project


  1. ahsen says:

    u people are just crazy n stupid!u are the biggest terrorist on earth n u blame others for that! Islam is a religion of peace n justice ….. n we practice justice n peace … we believe in peace n harmony… but u people don’t even who u are ?
    u don’t have any background no history just a bunch of pirates n that’s all…….

  2. Dr. Wahyudi says:

    Don’t abase the other religion, later your religion will abase by them. Please peace and justice. Islam is peace and justice religion. Dr. Wahyudi, Indonesia

  3. Theophilus Hakaik says:

    If you do not consider Muslim’s who kill others who have done them no wrong, harmless children they do not even know, and also kill fellow believers in Allah who disagree with them as evil, you are part of the problem. Your perception is not correct or you are too much of a coward to face truth. Do not defend evil.

    If you can see the wrong in other religions and discern the good faithful loving persons from the hypocrites among Islam and the many religious individuals in the world, then you are a fool who will no doubt die among other Muslim victims when your opinion or type of Islamic belief is considered offensive by the next demonic leader in your own country. Your do not admit the truth and anything you say is false.

    If you refuse to be part of the truth and admit the atrocious facts, or change and become part of the answer to violent radical Islam, then do not make claims for a religion of love or peace. In theory most religions are about love. We do not care about what is taught. The rest of the world only cares about what you practice. We see death and sin from Islam that has taken over any goodness that once would have convinced us to believe your words. You either are ignorant, in denial, or liars. There is no religion higher than truth.

  4. aamer malik says:

    Perhaps what you are seeing is the glimpse of evil islam, but i sure you do not have any idea what is going on with the muslims in this world, cause when you turn your on your tv, you see the headlines in BBC..TERRORISTS..MUSLIMS..and the same bbc and cnn wont tell you that how many kids were slaughter in palestine,how many muslim families are becoming homeless everyday many innocent american army killed in iraq..and ofcourse how many false conviction of muslims happen all around the world..And after all that if someone resists, then he is a Terrorist…I feel pity for you, you call yourself human???
    And 1 more thing what ever is happening to the muslims is because of their own deeds,else these non believers weren’t cabable of doing so…

  5. Abdullah ibn Adam says:

    In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious. The so called ”muslim terrorists” are not Muslims at all acc. to Islam they are deserving their necks to be guillotined(pls. Read Anti Terrorist Fatwa by Dr.Tahir ul Kadari a great pakistani scholar). Secondly Prophet Muhammad(peace b upon him) being potrayed as a cartoon being in hell is a highly offending issue towards muslims. If a muslim would draw Prophet Jesus or Solomon (peace b upon them) being punished in hell would a jew or Christian not feel angry about it.But the fact is that a muslim wud never do that bcoz we consider them to b prophets. And Masha Allah Yale university being afraid to publish the cartoons shows Islam’s superiority

  6. N Elliott says:

    Well, at least in the US, we do have headlines of our troops abusing human rights, and/or killing and maiming innocents. Most people in this country are fed up with this war waged in our names, even in the months following 9/11 during the patriotic swell, a huge portion of the American public did not want to go to war. After all, we caught Bin Laden in a country we were not at war with, with a few navy seals rather than an entire military.

    With all that said, the fact that our media has the freedom to publish stories about US soldiers committing atrocities is the biggest reason why we should continue to publish cartoons of muhammed. I feel that modern western philosophy is dependent upon certain secular pillars, one of the largest being free speech. You may enjoy the fruits of this philosophy while rejecting it and maintaining your own, or you can separate yourself entirely from it. I understand that may be difficult if we are currently occupying your nation, but good ideas are not dependent on good people making good decisions. E=MC2 would still be true whether Einstein was a saint or a rapist.

    So I really don’t care what you believe, just don’t tell me what I can and can’t draw because it upsets you. And I do not judge islam by al-quaida, but I do judge it by the Koran and Ha diff, which to me, is just as bad as the old testament.

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