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Egyptian Situation Will Probably End Badly With Another Islamic Theocracy

I’ve been following the situation in Egypt for the last week. Of course, I hope that it ends well. That would be with a true democracy. But, that will not happen. In fact, it can not happen. Egypt is an Arab country; it consists mostly of Muslims. Unfortunately, this is another way to say that it is a backward nation, filled with stupid, uneducated people who want to live in the 7th century. Thus, once Mubarak is gone, which will almost certainly happen in the next day or two, the Egyptian government will almost certainly be taken over by Islamists; specifically the Muslim Brotherhood. This means that yet another country will be dedicated to our, and Israel’s, destruction. And, to make it even worse, we’ve given Egypt billions of dollars worth of modern weapons! Our stupidity is stupendous! We sold weapons to Afghanistan. It is an Islamist nation. We sold modern weapons to Pakistan. It is an Islamist nation (maybe to be lead by Osama bin Laden at some point. Don’t laugh; the Pakistanis would love to have him as their president.) We gave billions of dollars worth of weapons to Iraq; It will soon be a satellite of Iran, ruled by a theocracy. Our Middle East stupidity is not only stupendous, but unbelievable!
So, now we are looking at an Islamist Egypt. What to do then? I can only say that I hope we put “kill switches” in the weapons, so that we can “turn them off”. Of course, we did not. So, we have now armed our enemies!

If you listen to the talking heads, they think that the situation in Egypt is fantastic! But, they fail to tell you that the present government will almost certainly be replaced by a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. In other words, people who hold the same beliefs as Osama bin Laden and his best buddy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, will be in command of Egypt. And, lets not forget that another former friend, Turkey, is being taken over by the Islamists. And, of course, we not only armed them but we were even so misguided and ignorant of the realities of Islamic deception (Taqiyya) that we let Turkey into NATO!

Lets also not forget that Mohamad Atta, the ring leader of the 9/11 butchers, was from Egypt. And, if you are under the mistaken impression that Egypt is a modern, secular nation, a quick look at a recent poll will quickly convince you of just how wrong that notion is. For example, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll, 30% of Egyptians have a favorable view of Hezbollah, 49% have a favorable view of Hamas, and a whopping 20% have a favorable view of al Qaeda! But, it gets worse. Fully 95% of Egyptians feel that it is a good thing that Islam plays a large roll in government. Even in Pakistan, the ratio is only 88%. Other telling statistics for Egypt are that 54% prefer gender segregation in the workplace. Of the countries studied in the poll (Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, and Lebanon) that atrocious attitude is only exceeded by Pakistan, where 85% favor gender segregation in the workplace. Also, like in Pakistan, 82% of Muslims in Egypt favor stoning people who commit adultery. Furthermore, 84% of Egyptian Muslims favor the death penalty for those who leave Islam, and 77% favor whippings and cutting off  hands for theft and robbery. What a group of complete barbarians.

It is unfortunate that Mubarak was such a brutal tyrant. But, when you are trying to control a bunch of 7th century barbarians, a strong hand is needed. Muslims are incapable of democracy, because democracy is incompatible with Islam and sharia law. Until we in the West can get that into our thick heads, we should stop trying to democratize nations that cannot be democratized. We should concentrate on stamping out political Islam. That can only be done through education. And, unfortunately, education is something that is very rare in Islamic nations.


  1. mimo says:

    I am an Egyptian and i sure hope you are wrong, but your facts is correct
    but one thing you don’t know, Egypt filled with atheist and agnostics
    and they blend in as Muslims or christian because we don’t have the freedom of religion yet,

    But once we can come out and we are doing that now
    Egypt is going to be something different and you can say good bye to Muslim Brotherhood, because Egypt knows for sure that there is no different between Muslim Brotherhood and Mubarak

    Mubarak will send you to Jail if you speak your mind

    Muslim Brotherhood will tell you that you are an infidel and kill you if you speak your mind.

    We are gambling here but i can say for sure we have the winning cards

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