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Even A Broken Clock Is Correct Twice A Day. Soros Recommends Legalizing Pot

I never thought I would agree with anything said by the loony billionaire George Soros. But, I never used to think that any president could be worse than Jimmy Carter. Obama proved that idea wrong, and George Soros’ recent coming out in support of legalizing marijuana gave me another lesson in humility. Of course, as a libertarian, I don’t think that most drugs should be “illegal”. Lets face it, “fighting” drugs is just a revenue source for the FBI, DEA, and local police forces. Just like prohibition did not prevent people from getting alcohol and only served to line the pockets of the gangsters, people who want to smoke weed are going to get it and smoke it. And, from what I have seen (and I certainly don’t claim much knowledge in this area) the effects of marijuana on a person’s life is probably much less than the effects of alcohol.  In any case, since people are going to get it and smoke it, it seems only natural that government should make it legal and tax it, as proposed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and California’s Proposition 19. It is estimated that if marijuana was legalized and taxed that California, alone, could raise over $1 billion in tax revenues. Even today, with marijuana illegal, it represents $14 billion in income to California residents, but no federal or state tax revenue is realized on that income since it is illegal. (And, lets remember that much of that $14 billion is almost certainly going to “homeless” and “unemployed” “workers” who are sucking at the teat of mother California for welfare, unemployment benefits and food stamps. In fact, at $14 billion, marijuana, today, while illegal, far surpasses the legitimate, taxable income from California wine merchants, who make a paltry $2 billion in income from selling wine.)

Now, lets look at the situation in Mexico. Mexico, by any rational standard, is a failed state. (It is not much different than Pakistan, except that (fortunately) it is not a Muslim nation and it does not have nukes.) Over 30,000 Mexicans have been killed in the last 2 years, alone, in drug-related violence. Police are quitting because they are outgunned by the drug lords. Even the United States government is putting up signs in parts of the United States that warn people to not be in certain areas because they are dangerous. Thus, again, the United States government is shunning it’s responsibility of protecting it’s citizens and bowing to foreign pressures. (In this case, drug gangs and lords.)

The powers that be exported many of the good American jobs to China, India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, and other countries a few years ago. Those jobs are not coming back. America is facing the highest unemployment since the Great Depression. (And, don’t believe the “official” figures of about 10%; the real unemployment rate is closer to 20%, because many of the unemployed are not reported, or have ceased being reported because they just gave up or lost unemployment benefits, or retired early.) If marijuana was legalized, it would represent the ultimate “work at home” business. But, unlike most internet “work at home” scams involving “medical transcription” or selling “male performance enhancement pills”, this could really offer employment opportunities, since virtually anyone could set up a marijuana farm in their basement,  attic,  or spare bedroom. And, as long as prices remain high, they could make a pretty good living, thus having to pay pretty good taxes. Of course, once it is legalized, the price would drop dramatically, but that would have the effect of neutralizing Mexican drug cartels, as well as domestic drug gangs. It would also take a huge burden off the prison system in the United States, which is clogged with people arrested for petty drug crimes.

So, I say legalize pot. We need all of the entrepreneurs that we can find. It would be nice if those entrepreneurs were involved in new technology, but the democrats have destroyed the educational system in the United States to the point where we don’t produce many thinking people, much less entrepreneurs. We need to produce at least some people who make more in income than they consume from the public teat.

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