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Fantastic New Resource: 500 Peer Reviewed Articles That Support Skepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming

I just found out about this fantastic article, “500 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of ‘Man-Made’ Global Warming“. It lists, and links to, 500 peer reviewed, published articles that support a skeptical view towards “man-made” global warming, also known as AGW, or Anthropogenic Global Warming. Unfortunately, being peer reviewed scientific articles, many are not freely available unless you subscribe to the particular journal in question. But, virtually all of these articles can be purchased for a fairly nominal fee, and the abstracts for the articles are freely available. Also, many of the articles are freely available. It is not only a great resource for anyone interested in the topic (whether you believe in AGW or not), but it shows conclusively that there are responsible scientists that do not support “man-made” global warming, and their research clearly shows that the science is not settled. But, of course, you don’t hear much about these scientists and their work.

Another thing that I found very interesting about the articles when I glanced through the list and the brief descriptions of each article was the fact that a significant portion of the articles are quite recent. That is, many were published after 2005. This is very significant, since the last IPCC report was published in 2007, and the global warmingistas responsible for that report would not allow any article published after 2005 to be included. Thus, the report was based on old, and perhaps outdated, science. This article is a treasure-trove of information for anyone interested in the topic.

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