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Female Jihadi’s Being Trained In NY By Muslims Of America

This video, just released by the Christian Action Network shows female Jihadi’s being trained in the use of automatic weapons (AK-47’s) and hand to hand combat. Of course, this is from Afghanistan or Pakistan, right? Wrongo! This video was shot at the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in Hancock, NY. These terrorist training camps have been operating in plain sight (almost) under the incompetent eyes of the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies. Jamaat ul-Fukra was formed by Sheikh Mubarak Guilani, who currently lives in Pakistan. Reportedly, Daniel Perle was going to visit with Gilani when he was kidnapped and decapitated. This organization has some 35 terrorist training camps in the United States, and the government does absolutely nothing about them, while concentrating on taxing it’s citizens to death through a stupid nationalization of health care, and carbon taxes related to a non-problem (CO2). Truly incredible, yet boobus Americanus says nothing, knows nothing, and does nothing.

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