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Fitzgerald: Adam B. Lowther, geostrategist, always looking on the bright side

In this long, but excellent and educational piece, Hugh Fitzgerald rips apart Adam B. Lowther’s idiotic article “Iran’s Two-Edged Bomb”. Lowther is, reportedly, a “defense analyst at the Air Force Research Initiative”. Being a defense analyst, you would think he would know better, but, looking at the history of the US Government’s foreign policy, and the government’s complete lack of understanding of Islam, I guess the lunacy of Lowther’s article is not surprising. At one point in the article, Lowther even bemoans how we got involved in  “overseas counter-insurgency operations”. What a good little government puppet! Not daring to call the war on Islam the war on Islam that it is! He doesn’t even dare use the words “terrorists” or “jihadists” or “Islamists”!

“Last, the United States would be able to stem the flow of dollars to autocratic regimes in the region. It would accomplish this not only by driving down the price of oil and increasing arms exports, but by requiring the beneficiaries of American security to bear a real share of its cost. And in the long run, a victory in the war on terrorism would save taxpayers the tens of billions of dollars a year now spent on overseas counter-insurgency operations.”

The basic premise of Lowther’s article is that the United States should welcome an atomic Iran! After all, he then claims, we can offer a “nuclear shield” to the oil producing states in the Middle East. If we do that, they will sell us oil cheaply, he claims, and they will buy our weapons, which will help keep American’s in jobs! Of course, I have said before how incredibly stupid it is of us to sell any weapons, let along advanced weapons, to any Muslim nation, because it is just a matter of time before those weapons will be turned against us.

In his article, Fitzgerald points out, repeatedly, how the total and complete lack of understanding of Islam by the leaders of our military and government has lead to failure after failure in foreign policy, not to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been wasted in “nation building” operations that morons like George Bush insisted would bring democracy to Islamic countries.

Now the Iraq and Afghanistan ventures of the Americans constitute a squandering of resources – men, money, materiel, morale. And those ventures represent a failure of American foreign policy, or rather a failure of those in power to adequately study the texts and tenets of Islam. For if those in power had studied those texts and tenets, instead of allowing themselves to be unduly impressed by the word “religion” affixed to Islam (as Bush was so impressed), or if they did not allow themselves to be impressed by plausible, smiling, carefully apologetic representatives of Islam in the form of some Muslim advisers, including the Bright Young Reformers who have stood in the way, for many in Washington, of a sober grasping of the ideology of Islam, then another strategy would have been followed. It is interesting that Barack Obama clearly wants out of Iraq and, I suspect, out of Afghanistan too. But he will not be able to do the latter, for obvious political reasons, unless he shows that the reason he wants out of Afghanistan is not because he is soft on Islam (though he has given various signs of that, and the worst was that unbelievable speech he delivered in Cairo, a speech in which almost every phrase about Islam could be held up for inspection, analysis, and ridicule) but because he wishes to undertake an entirely new strategy, one based on a recognition that the presence of Infidels merely helps to unite Muslims, or at least to make less likely that internal conflicts will develop. And it is in the interests of the world’s Infidels that the pre-existing fissures, sectarian, ethnic, and economic, within the Camp of Islam, be exploited to the fullest.

That is one part of a two-part strategy. The other part is a campaign of education and self-education, all over the Infidel world, so that many more people come to understand the relation of Islam to the political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual failures of Muslim states, societies, and even families and individuals living in environments – even within the West – that are suffused with Islam. This can be done. And if it is done, it will be hard for the world’s Muslims not to have to begin thinking about the matter. And because the case, once you begin to think about it, is so obvious and so convincing, that will further demoralize the Camp of Islam. Among those who might have other reasons for jettisoning the faith, or at least de-emphasizing it (as Iranians, sick at heart from their experience under the Islamic Republic of Iran), such arguments will particularly resonate.

It is a brilliant and educational article. It is an article that non-Muslims need to read and understand. Even more importantly, it has many lessons and bits of information that are critical for our leaders to understand, because they obviously don’t, and apparently never did.

Read it all!

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