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Forget about Halal Meals; Shahzad Should Get Nothing But Basic Life Necessities

It is totally rediculous that the legal system is even considering granting Faisal Shahzad anything other than basic life necessities! He actually had the balls to request that he only be served “halal” foods; that is, foods that agree with idiotic Muslim food restrictions. You know, like only goats that have had their throats slit, and are allowed to bleed to death, etc. This is a total atrocity! Like all Muslims in captivity, he should be forced to be exposed to things that will make him realize how ludicrous his worship of an insane, epileptic, barbarian, pedophile is! At the very least, he should be forced to eat pork. I would recommend a diet of bacon for the morning, followed by pork hot dogs for lunch, followed by pork spare ribs for dinner. If he refuses to eat these meals, well, no harm done. Nature will see to it that the unfit are removed from the gene pool.

For reading material, he should be given Muhammad cartoons.

The very idea that our government and authorities cow-tow to the beliefs of these cretins is unbelievable! The idea that a guard at Gitmo must handle a Koran with white gloves goes against all sanity. Prisoners should be forced to use pages of the Koran for toilet paper! (A vastly superior, and more sanitary, procedure than using the “stones” that the pedophile taught them to use for that purpose.) When are our “leaders” going to realize that we really are in a civilizational war? The followers of the insane pedophile know that they are in a war; we seem to refuse to recognize that fact. You can’t win a war that you don’t realize you are in.


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