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Fortunately, Muslims Seem To Want To Kill Their Own

It has recently occurred to me that the Muslims seem to be obsessed with killing their own. We all know that most homicide bombers kill, primarily, Muslims. But, how about other bombers and attackers? In the last few days, we  heard that a follower of the insane, epileptic, barbarian, pedophile, commonly known as Mohammad, failed in his attempt to bring down Northwest Flight 253, an airliner that was flying between Amsterdam and Detroitistan. How dumb was that? I obviously have no way of knowing what percentage of the passengers on that jet were Muslims, but I suspect it was higher than the percentage of Muslims on most flights, because it was flying from a place with a high Muslim population, to an American city with one of the largest Muslim populations in the country.

Thus, it stands to reason that an unusually large percentage of the people on that plane were probably Muslim. Thus, his act, if it had succeeded, would have killed many Muslims. Collateral damage, I guess.

We are constantly reminded about all of the deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, as well as other places. Ignoring the deaths of militants, and those unfortunately caught in the crossfire,  the majority of those deaths are Muslims being killed by Muslims. Sometimes it is al Qaeda just trying to stir the pot. More often, it is Shia against Sunni violence, or vice versa. Many of the deaths in Iraq are caused by operatives brought into the country to kill and terrorize by Iran. And, of course, we now see Iran’s “government” killing Iranian citizens by shooting them and running them over with vehicles. And, lets not forget the situation in Palestine. Every time the Israeli’s strike back in self defense, you hear the hollow scream from Hamas and Hezbollah about all of the “civilian” deaths. Well, DUH, if you put rocket launchers in populated areas, or run back to populated areas after performing attacks, civilian casualties are inevitable. Plus, there is no easy way to tell who is a member of Hamas or Hezbollah and who is a “civilian”, since these groups illegally do not wear a uniform. (Or, if they do, they quickly change back into civilian clothes and “blend in” after staging an attack, making their targeting impossible.)

Of course, the fact that they are not part of a nation state’s military, and don’t wear a uniform, makes them, like the Taliban and al Qaeda, ineligible for any Geneva Convention protection. The Geneva Convention only applies to recognized soldiers, wearing a uniform, of a national army.

So, if “innocent civilians” do not want to get killed in the occasional (but increasing), and necessary, Predator missile strikes, don’t hang out with the bad guys.  You know who they are.

Just as I was finishing this article, a got a breaking news text message from CNN. It seems we have another case of Muslims behaving badly, this time in Pakistan. A car bomb reportedly loaded with 600 pounds of explosives blew up at a volleyball match, killing 60 and wounding 60. Just one more, typical, example of Muslims killing Muslims. And, that was clearly targeted to kill Muslims. It was not an attack on US or NATO forces that killed a few Muslims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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