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Founding Member of Greenpeace Explains Why Alarmism About Climate Change Is Wrong

Dr. Patrick Moore was one of the founding members of Greenpeace. At one time, he was also the president of that organization. In this video, he explains why AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) alarmism is a scientific fraud and it is not happening to any significant degree. Notice, around 11 minutes, the graph that clearly shows that for the last billion years, it has been much warmer than it is today. The average global temperature, today, is about 14.5 degrees Centigrade. For most of the last billion years (or even 600 million years as shown in the graph at 12 minutes), the average global temperature has been about 22 degrees Centigrade. That is, for most of the last billion years, the average global temperature has been 7.5 degrees Centigrade warmer than it is today. Thus, we are currently coming out of another ice age, and we should expect much warmer temperatures in the future. But, those warmer temperatures are due to natural variability, not man-made CO2 emissions.

These graphs clearly show that it has been much warmer in the past, and there is no reason to think that any significant portion of the warming that is occurring now is due to CO2. Furthermore, as the graph of the last 600 million years shows, CO2 has been much, much higher in the past compared to where it is today, and there is absolutely no correlation between temperature and CO2. Other interesting graphs show how total global sea ice is actually higher, today, than it was when we started measuring it in 1979. Also, sea level rise essentially ended 7000 years ago, as shown in a graph at about 16:45 into the presentation.



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