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Fun With Bumper Stickers

Growing up, and for most of my adult life, I was never much interested in politics. That changed on 9/11. Actually, I guess that date was more of a wake-up call to me about Islam, and the danger of Islam. But, it also woke me up to the danger of most religions, as well as the danger posed by the general stupidity of the American people. Today, almost 30% of all high school students do not even graduate high school. That is TERRIFYING! Unfortunately, it is one of the main reasons why the Chineese will be ruling the world in the relatively near future.

How stupid are Americans? Well, they elected Barack Obama. That speaks for itself. Of course, now, the electorate is beginning to have buyers’ remorse, as shown by a recent Rasmussen Poll. He went from an approval rating of about 27% in January to an approval rating of -7% today (1). That is staggering, but not surprising, given the fact that he has “… taken George W. Bush’s inattention to deficits and elevated it to an art form.” (2) That is a fantastic, and very interesting and revealing statistic.

Now, if we take that data, and extrapolate it, like the AlGores and other “global warming scientists” would do, that would mean that in 12 months, Obama would only have a favorable rating of 19%, and an unfavorable rating of 60%, yielding an approval rating of -41%. But, there is more! If you go to 18 months, his favorable rating would only be 8%, while his unfavorable rating would rise to 82%, yielding a very dismal approval rating of -74%. Finally, after 24 months, his favorable rating would be -3% (yes, 103% of the people disapprove of him), while his unfavorable rating would raise to 104%, so that his approval rating would decrease to fully 107%! Yes, more than the entire electorate of the USA would disapprove of him! (Hey, I’m just trying to relate the statistics, polls, and other things to the “global warming” situation, which is very much analagous.

Anyway, within 2 years, everyone will hate him and his policies; even worse than they hated Bush and his policies.

But, back to the story. I was never political. I was an engineer; a scientist. But, after 9/11 I changed. I realized that there were crazed morons in the world that revered a barbarian pedophile who was also, probably, insane and epilectic, but that can never be proven. Anyway, they wanted to not only kill us, but they wanted to take over the world. So, I started taking baby steps in proclaiming my beliefs. The easiest way was by putting bumper stickers on my truck. So, my first bumper sticker was actually a sticker that could be put on the back window. It was a “pissing Calvin.” You’ve all seen them. Usually, they show Calvin pissing on a Chevy logo, or a Ford logo, or whatever. I thought, I want to piss on bin Laden and Sadam Hussein. (From here forward to be referred to as S’Damn Insane.) So, I found a company that made stickers, and ordered a custom “2 stream” sticker, and put on the back window of my truck. I also sold a few to friends who felt the same as I did about both of those barbarians. Now that S’Damn is gone, I though about putting a line through the name, or a check (like a notch on a gun), but I figured that confuse things, and obscure my sentiments, so I left it as I bought it.


Then, we got into the 2004 election. Clearly, the Kerry/Edwards team would have been a total disaster for the country. So, I created my own bumper sticker based on something that I heard someone (I think Tucker Carlson) say on tv. It was “Kerry-Edwards Economic Plan..Marry an heiress..Chase an ambulance”. I thought it was cute, and it definitely expressed my feelings, in more ways than one. Then, during the 2008 election, I found a bumper sticker from World Net Daily that said it all, as far as I was concerned. So, I bought it, and added it to my bumper. “Defeat Osama, Obama & Chelsea’s Mama”.

bumper_leftFinally, I had to deal with the impact of 9/11. Clearly, the Clinton administration was responsible for a lot of the problems, especially since they covered up the Muslim connection to TWA 800 and the Muslim and Iraqi connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. (This connection to the Oklahoma City bombing was meticulously explained and delineated in Jayna Davis’ excellent book “The Third Terrorist”. Clinton simply did not want the USA to be aware of any evil coming from Islam, although S’Damn Insane was a pretty secular terrorist, although he was not averse to working with terrorists. As has been said many times, and it is especially true when dealing with Muslims, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

So, with this in mind, I got a bumper sticker of the burning NY City skyline, after 9/11, with the title “The Clinton Legacy”. I can’t imagine a more fitting legacy for Bill Clinton, unless we want to get into Monica. But, compared to the harm done by Muslims, and bin Laden in particular, due to Bill Clinton’s inaction (he was offered bin Laden on a platter by Sudan in 1996 accouring to some disputed reports), we got the 9/11 attack. And, bin Laden is still breating air; an activity that he should have been denied over a decade ago, when he openly declared war on the United States.

At a somewhat later time, I saw a bumper sticker “Islam is a dynamite religion”, complete with a drawing of a lit pack of dynamite. This was perfect, for my view of Islam. And, who could disagree? For the last 20 years what group has been consistently blowing up people, cars, airplanes, buildings, and the future of the world, besides Muslims? If it was not for Muslims, it would still be pleasant to travel. Flying in an airliner (even for me, as a pilot), would be an experience to look forward to. Now, I have no desire to get on a commercial airplane; why should I have to put up with the total humiliation of having to take off my shoes and be, essentially, stripped searched? If I have to travel, I will fly or drive myself! The very idea that terrorists can take over an airliner, today, is doubtful. The passengers will not put up with it. On 9/11, the general idea was “if you put up with these cretans, and do as they say, you will live.” On 9/11, we learned that was not true. The Muslims intend to kill you. But, knowing that, the passengers, and the crew, will fight back. I know that no terrorist would survive if it tried to take over an aircraft that I was in charge of; I would simply put it into such radical (aerobatic) manuvers that the terrorists would be thrown about the cabin like rag dolls, thus breaking their bones (and hopefully their necks) thus ending the hijacking.

Anyway, I put these two thoughts to canvas with my other bumper stickers:

right_bumperAnyway, that represents some of my feelings.

I will be adding new bumper stickers as my feelings change, and as the political climate changes.



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  1. Alfred Beebe says:

    Bravo Bravo I agree 1000% I want to get one of Calvin pissing on Islam and one that says 911 day of Muslim terror! Yea I proabally will end up getting shot lol

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